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The Gimp Origin

The "Gimp" started writing songs when he was 5 years old in Melbourne, Fl. Gordon got the derogatory name the "Gimp" when a kid named Billy beat him up in the sixth grade at Silver Lakes Middle School in North Lauderdale. He stated he hated the name until he was a freshman in high school, at J.P. Taravella, when his classmate Phil Mcneill called him that randomly after Gordon tripped over himself and he busted out in laughter. He donned his name the Gimp. He cites that he was shocked when his best friend, Phil died in the Iraq war in January 2007. The name has become his identity with that name merging with his real name Gordon as acceptable.

Violence Matters and Long Oil Venture (2001-2002)

His first taste of the actual music industry was doing open mics at clubs and gained most of his notoriety from word of mouth in Lake Worth, Florida. A group,ONS,(Ouija N Swizz) Adam Wilt and Dave Aubrey formed a record label together called Long Oil Records. They released Got Chicken and later Thugs, Drugs and the Iron Pepperoni (abbr. TDOIP). The Gimp was a guest artist on this album, recording Friends Forever. This record to date is there most successful album ONS ever produced. In the summer of that year after graduating from high school at Santaluces (he went to a new school for his senior year), they formed a loose collection of emcees to produce Violence Matters. The collection was Ouija, Swizz, Jellyfish and the Gimp. See below for discography. They recorded this album in a weeks time over popular beats. The inspiration for this album came from the group thinking that they could be as "violent" as some of the people putting out albums around that time. This album is an over the top look at three violent MCs, the Gimp, Ouija, and Jellyfish. It starts off in a dream and ends in hell. Each track progressively gets more dark and sinister culminating in the murder of the Lake Worth police force and suicide of the police chief. They have a secret song on this album called 100 Percent, with the beat by Swizz (Dave Aubrey). This song has become an underground classic along with Zuga. Both of these songs combined alone equals over 100,000 hits on various websites.

In the Flesh Recordings (2006)

His first release was Enigma, the EP. This was a conceptual album. Establishing the raw lyrical style he would release, and his first glimpse into the marketing side of running his own record label. This was the first album where the moral on an album made an appearance. See below for discography. This record was a very small release and it sold 1600 copies in two weeks. Next came In the Flesh, his sophomore EP, This album sold twice as much as the first EP, and the Gimp saw his opportunity for an original and creative album that could not be classified. White noise is present on these records, from this, his moniker transformed into the Gimp: The Phantom.

Hallowed Ground Recordings and Limited (2006-Present)

The Vision came to him once he analyzed his rhyme patterns and songs, and realized that no matter what they were about they had a movie quality to them. He set out on an ambitious project that took him 5 years to complete. Meanwhile the fans always had new independent songs to listen to, every couple weeks. There are certain words on this record "misspelled". Some are compound words that make sense separately . Such as Sole Discretion is spelled Sole Descretion. (Meaning Soul Desecration) Wrapped in Ancient Cloth is spelled two different ways, Ancient and Anchient. Both are grammatically correct, the one with the "h" is middle English and the one without it is modern. The Phoenix is spelled The Phenoix. This is an ode to the comic book name for Jean Grey The Phenoix. Also on Sole Descretion it purposely skips. Using static and pitch bend and layering this, he achieved the effect of not everything can be talked about as articulately as some things. Life is painful, so the Gimp makes his music to reflect that.

Present- Present

Gimp went to the 58th Grammy Awards. He's coming out with his Auditory Hallucinations. Stay Tuned!!

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