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Awakening to the beauty of her journey, Tchiya Amet, singer, songwriter & keyboard artist, shares her sweet
sounds and lyrical reflections with the rhythms of reggae, world and celestial music.
Chicago, IL Born August 5th, 1961 and raised as a young girl on the South side of Chicago, Il., Tchiya’s interests
were as diverse as her cultural heritage. Her rich background resembles a patchwork quilt with the golden thread
of spirit connecting each facet of her life.

Celestial Folk Music:
A Musical Cultural Astronomical tapestry, woven with myths of the stars and music & rhythms from the Ancestors. This collection of songs is also a collection of stories and teachings. As you listen with your heart, you will see in your mind. Inner joy will be experienced as you dance and sway into your transformation. The Original People of the Four Directions all share a love of life on Earth as well as a Mystical and deeply profound connection to the Heavens, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Dogstar, the
Sirius Star System.

Black Turtle Island is a surprisingly solid and original entry from
NorCal's roots-reggae contingent, known more for live shows than quality studio material. Combining a "First Nations"
perspective with Rastafarian sensibilities, flavoring the mix with a touch of New Age
metaphysics and ancient folk tradition, and seasoning the musical potion with mellow yet conscious lyrics, Amet
evokes a chill but simultaneously revolutionary feeling, eschewing the overly commercial direction of many female
reggae artists and coming directly from the heart.

“Keeper of the Dream”
Tchiya is a “Keeper of the Dream”. The healing energy of her life is illuminating her music. Her natural singing
voice & lyrics embody the spirit of beauty and variety as well as metamorphosis of rebirth, love & hope. The lion is
her ally. Tchiya embraces the lion and learns to balance power, intention and strength with the feline grace and majesty.
Her heartfelt change is transformational, leading the way to rebirth and clarity – that we are all related to one
Guided by the Sun and the Stars, this sister reminds us that the Sun is the prime source of light and heat for Planet Earth, and combined with rain it brings forth and sustains life. Tchiya is combining her gifts in music and science: healing & awareness with Sound; performing music that is inspired by the Ancient Wisdom which is to be found in Cultural Astronomy: the Traditional and Contemporary Celestial Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions, and also in acutonics, with the Music of the Spheres.
Tchiya also shares the Teachings of the Four Directions, including Bhagavad Gita, the Lotus Sutra, The Kybalion,
the Kabala, Cherokee Legends, Lakota Sundance, & Maat from Kemet.
Universal Truth
She is reaching out to a wider audience the more universal her music becomes--expounding the Universal Truth,
the Law of Life.
Tchiya, warm like the light of the sun and the heart of a lion, is Born to Rule. Her recordings are dedicated to the
Great Universe who opened the path to her higher Self.
Each song is a prayer…
please visit http://www.tchiya.com!

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Band Members
Tchiya Amet- Lead Vocals; John Flaherty-Drums; Ryan Daisley-Keyboards; Teddy Shawl- Bass; Brett Harmon- Guitar; Akelah Tumeril- Background Vocals
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Tchiya Amet
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Reggae / indie / cosmic native

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Covelo, CA