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Hey everybody! My names Matt Mason.I live in Oklahoma. There's a lot of good music around here. I feel fortunate to have been a part of a lot of different musical endeavors over the years.I always sorta looked at music as a good way to pass the time and listening to records led to plunking around on friends guitars to getting my own instrument, practicing for hours on end. When I was pretty young I started out on the violin. I wasnt so motivated to play it very much and so after a few years I quit. A few years went by and I started really wanting to play guitar and so I saved up $125 delivering papers and went bought a used peavy t-15. A few friends from the neighborhood we'd get together and jam on old KISS Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf riffs and we started playing some parties and school dances. It was fun and we keep practicing. Pretty soon I knew this guy who been playing for like 30 years, so I'd go jam out with him and he'd show me how play all kinds of music.He grew up in the 60's and played alot of gigs. He really taught me lot about music in general. Many times I'd show up and we'd jam on some progression he was working on spin some records play pool and. His son would play drums and one of the other kids from neighborhood play bass and we'd jam for hours making all kinds of noise. A few years went by and we made a few little cassette demos for fun. I went off to college and played sloppy 70's rock covers, acoustic duo folkie country blues, straight country where you all have to dress the same. After awhile I just took few years off playing live and went listened to lot of people and practiced alot, experimented recording at home etc. jammed with lot of different people nothing serious. When I moved to Tulsa I started hitting up some places to play and went to a million jam nights, meet few people a got pretty good band going for about 5 years. Played alot of gigs every year doing jam rock covers and originals in 5 states. Made a few albums, didn't release a few albums and I eventually left that band to go at music a different direction for awhile. This fall Im out playing solo enjoying the ride as I go.to some new places I've never played before.

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joined by Chuck Blackwell, Danny Timms, Ted Russell Kamp, Bruce Alford, Jeffery Saenz, Romeo Rondeau, Aaron Lyons, John Hoff, Chuck Bland, Tim Moore
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Matt Mason
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Americana / Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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Tulsa, OK

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