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Dezi 5 is a singer-songwriter and music art divo who encourages everyone to LOSE CONTROL! Although Dezi has been performing all over the country as an entertainer since 2008, he realized his love for dance music and began experimenting with electro beats and Avant-garde fashion and quickly became known by the Dallas Observer as "Dallas' Best Kept Secret." Dezi 5 is recognized as a soul/pop vocalist and high energetic performer. In reality, he was born Dezman Wayne Lehman in 1982 and spent his childhood in the South Oakcliff side of Dallas, Texas. He was classically trained as a clarinetist and studied vocals and piano, he also studied pop culture and music albums of all types. After leaving Florida A&M University he sang downtown as a jazz singer and started a Rock and Roll band in Deep Ellum, doing covers of Jimi Hendrix, Erykah Badu and Pink Floyd. This is when Dezi became obsessed with glam rock artist like Elton John & Grace Jones.

Dezi 5 released his first EP ‘Crucifixion on The Dance Floor’ which brilliantly re-invents dance music for our time. A stunning creative leap into dimensions of ‘EDM, Trap, future disco, and 90s dance music,’. Through a period of self-exploration and creative liberation, the artist realized his love for dance music and began experimenting with electronic beats and avant-garde fashion.

‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor’ features the debut single, ‘LOSE CONTROL,’ an unapologetic club joint Dezi released last fall. The EP also features Dezi 5’s smash hit ‘Dallas, Bitch!’ a city anthem where he proclaims his love for Dallas. ‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor,’ establishes Dezi’s place in the Dallas dance club scene. It’s a mesmerizing sound that evokes embellishments and excitement, energy and innovation that sets him apart as a dance artist. “I approached this EP with a ‘not too serious’ attitude,” said Dezi 5 of the recording process. “Recording these tracks was a blast, it’s a dance story of my life. The lyrical themes revolve around my personal experiences as a human being, overcoming my fear of releasing dance music and my own self-empowerment. The result was fun music guaranteed to make everyone smile and let it all go.” Dezi is a genuine superstar, turning heads with his incredible showmanship and larger- than-life persona.

Recorded in several local underground studios ‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor’ was primarily co- produced and co-written by Dezi 5. In collaboration with several talented producers, including two-time Emmy Award-winner Josh Goode, Sean Humphrey (ISHI/ZHORA/DJ Red Sean) and electronic crew ISHI’s collaborating producer Brad Dale, Dezi served as Executive Producer on the EP to ensure that listeners are encouraged to live in the moment, the EP also features co-written tracks by Forest Brooks, along with mixing and mastering by Bradley Prakope and Chris Lund (LEFT/RIGHT).

‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor’ selections include the above mentioned ‘LOSE CONTROL,’ ‘TRAVELIN,’ ‘PUMPT UP,’ ‘DALLAS, BITCH!’ also mentioned above, and ‘DANCE.’ The entire EP is an expression of self-empowerment. Dezi encourages his listeners to crucify their insecurities of dancing in public, so this EP is a true dance joint.

Dezi 5 has been taking flight locally with his fashion, music and most of all his performances, he is neither afraid or ashamed to encourage his listeners to LIVE FREE! He is a world class entertainer with high energy generating the style of SOUL POP. It’s the energy of our past, present, & future. Dezi 5 is proud to be a product of Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. There is so much to be expected from this ICON in the making.

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