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At the crossroads of the past and the future, there lives a band called economy. Shorn from the cloth of Southern soul and hard-won wisdom, they create a sound at once classically referential and superbly modern. Dynamics define the arc of the small, but intensely textured miniature tableaus contained within each song individually and their output as a whole. In the ebb and flow of these North Carolina natives' compositions, worlds explode and are reborn afresh in the raw silence left in the wake of economy's beautiful cacophony. And we are left to want more.
To describe any musical experience in words is to lose something essential to the process of understanding that experience, so, dear reader, I urge the supplementation of this reading with an actual listen. Within each song, one will find what all those who have heard economy before have already discovered: A sonic landscape detailing a scene of compelling richness in which to lose oneself. But listening is just the beginning. Economy command the stage with dynamic, heartfelt performances which rouse and inspire virtually all of those fortunate enough to see them.
The heart of economy is its singer/multi-instrumentalist/primary song-writer, Jacob Leonard. He is a spiritual presence who draws in those who meet him, even before hearing the clarion call of his voice and the brilliant subtlety of his songwriting. Drawing on an instinctive understanding which only the commonality of their passion could provide, his longtime writing partner, bandmate, and friend, Jason Carr, adds to Jacob's songs his unique guitar textures and a penchant for arranging that gives them their form. His is a contribution of mind. Liz Simmons has been a staple of Winston-Salem's artist and musician scene for some time, and her involvement in this project was absolutely vital to the development of its one-of-a-kind character. Her voice does not harmonize with Jacob's so much as inhabit it, like a ghost haunting an empty house. She is the soul possessing this band, while Sean Parkes is, well, the balls. His contribution sonically is a gravel-coated jackhammer, grinding and undermining the inherent sense of peace on the surface of economy's songs while grounding them and providing a rumble to that make the hips react. Together, the body of economy is made whole and alive.
Familiar and strange. Beautiful and dangerous. Simple and powerful. The past and the future. Economy embrace and embody contrast and dichotomy. Their hometown, Winston-Salem, has already caught on to these talented troubadours and now they are poised to conquer the rest. Listen and be a part of the economy.

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Jacob Leonard; Liz Simmons; Sean Parkes; Jason Carr;Tyler Reeder;Ryan Pritts;Jared Draughn;Ezra Noble
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Rock / psychedelic / trip hop

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Winston Salem, NC