November the eleventh two thousand eleven current era, the beginning of a new age was ushered in upon the Earth. In the middle of a dark and damp alley way deep within an industrial zone on the Eastside of Kansas City a strange phenomenon occurred. An interdimensional wormhole was opened unseen and unbeknown to all life on the planet Earth except for two ruthless street thugs who were down on their luck.

The two failed gangsters stood cold and behind old rusted oil drum with flames rising from within it staring clueless at the black space of absence appearing in front of them. As the luck, or Universe would have it their lives were about to be changed by something extraordinary! Two interdimensional energy beings appeared to the two as they came from the other side of the worm hole. They were shown great knowledge and horrifying visions from other Universes and Dimensions and given a warning.

That night a pact was made that transformed two cold, dirty, and homeless failures into the Wazteland Warriorz. The beings inhabited the minds of the two bums from Kansas City giving bringing them purpose. The visitors have given them a message to spread by way of the rap music scene so that the youth of planet Earth would receive it. On March twenty second two thousand and twelve current Earth time the two delivered the first piece of their all important message by way of their first independently released album entitled “Greetingz from the Wazteland”.

Building a decent following of “true believers” for themselves both online and in the physical realm the duo of Stank Naz-T and Tony Franks began performing live shows where they cover the audience in trash where they openly preach their message to the world via their music. Drawing the attention of Universal Music Group subsidiary Smokebox Music Group Global Network on October the tenth two thousand and twelve they were signed and set to deliver the second chapter of their message to the entire Globe. On April thirtieth two thousand and thirteen they delivered their sophomore album to the world entitled “BCAREFULWUTUWISH4”!

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Stank Naz-T - Vocals/Production, Tony Frankz - Vocals/Production, Filthy Footy - Guitar
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Rap / Sewer Rap

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Warrensburg, MO

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