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Thank you for your interest in The Eastwoods. We are redefining a new genre of Country & Western. We are the new kind of rockin' C&W band your momma warned you about. I promise, you haven't heard anything just quite like us yet.

Firstly, no.........we are not brothers, our last names are not Eastwood, and we are not related to Clint. We are so unlike many of those contrived bands that are trying to spin a family name these days that we need to clarify that right from the start. However, we are a band of brothers who chose to write songs together. We chose the name, The Eastwoods, because it evoked feelings of nostalgia, freedom, far from the cut throat world of the music industry; the west, and the "wild west".

What we commonly refer to as "Country" music today, is the product of a gradual type of evolution from what was once known as "Country and Western." In truth, there is "Country" and there is "Western." We're really neither, but both. Let us explain........

Country music as we recognize it today, is what could be thought of as the offspring of original Folk music, Appalachia, Americana and Western music. Like folk, country has within it, the cry of the masses, music that is intended to explain or define our world, our lives, but like western, it uses the instrumentation, and even the clothing, like cowboy hats and boots, and instruments like slide guitar and harmonica. The unique quality of our music is it combines both in that it draws people together in their sorrows, their common plight. An every day man; in today's world, good and bad. Our music travels the country, carrying with it stories of victory, of loss, of sacrifice, and of hope. Our music is meant to be seen and listened to in order to identify with it, to engage in. However, the difference between our music and C&W is that though similar, we have very distinguishable differences and it boils down to this, Western music pulls you to your feet, while Country music draws you to your heart. As The Eastwoods, we do both, just in a more modern, contemporary world. Everyone doesn't live on a farm, drive a pickup truck and skinny dips down by the river. We live in cities, drive cars, and swim in swimming pools. We're modern day, average American new-age country, meets western, alternative rockers.

So.......we started as a songwriting team, composed of artists that played together in bands from around Nashville since our teenage years. We were always working tirelessly on that next great hit song on our own, or out on the road playing live, trying to make a living. They were kinda fun years, and we certainly learned a lot from the great bands, artists and musicians whose coat- tails we rode on. One day, we then decided to combine our strengths together and let the other one pick up on our own weaknesses. Simply said, we just combined our talent.

But what really set our songwriting apart from others is we enjoyed playing live. Playing live not only gives us the ability to share our songwriting with others, but to have an emotional connection that just can't be experienced in any other way. We also believe playing live is a great way of getting people to know our songs on a deeper level.

That isn't to say that people can't connect emotionally with another songwriter, artist or a poem for example, far from it, but there has always been something almost magical about playing live music. It has always elicited a wide range of emotions from human beings throughout history, putting a smile on our faces when we are low or making us want to get up and move when we were otherwise sitting on our ass.

That is our hope. The Eastwoods wish to connect our songs with people. As a songwriting team, we know there are so many other ways that people connect via music as well, but these connections are what make expressing ourselves as songwriters first and then performers secondly, so appealing. We know going in to writing a song, if we are able to express our thoughts and feelings, that someone out there may feel a connection with it. Playing it live is immediate feedback of that. We hope you enjoy the music and if you get the chance, come out to one of our performances and let us know what you think.

Thank you for reading this, we hope you like the music.


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