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Sam Rogers-Petro and Roman Fiorella decided to start a band together, back in 2006 when the two of them were in 3rd grade. Sam began writing songs, and they began to put together a line-up for their group. Their good friend Jacob temporarily played drums, and but was later replaced by Sam's younger brother Daniel. Roman played bass, and Sam sung and played rhythm guitar. Sam's other brother, Ben, joined the band in 2008, as the keyboardist. Roman and Sam spent their time hanging out and listening to Green Day CD's, which became perhaps their greatest influence. By this time, Sam had written over 15 songs, which they played at local coffee houses in the Philadelphia area. They recorded their first demo that year, at a local studio. Upon graduating elementary school, they began to realize that in order to fully achieve the sound they wanted, they needed a lead guitarist. They didn't need to look far, however, because the perfect candidate to fill the position turned out to be a classmate of Sam's at the Academy of the New Church: Jordan Boatman joined the band in the summer of 2012, and things really kicked into gear. Jordan knew a lot about a lot of different instruments, and was able to not only add his talents at guitar to the band, but also help the other members improve significantly at their instruments, teaching them techniques and styles that he had picked up over the years. He also brought to the table several new influences for their music. Jordan introduced the world of metal to the band, and they fell in love. Sam began incorporating the new things he was learning from Jordan into his previously written songs. Sam and Jordan turned out to make a great song-writing pair. Jordan would provide the instrumental flairs and stylistic elements, while Sam provided the melodies and the lyrics. Together, they produced many of the songs that made the final cut for their debut album.

In December, 2012, they contacted a local producer named Sean Ahern, who agreed to work with them on recording their first album. Over the next 9 months, the 6 of them labored away in the studio, and the final result was a 10 song album, with all original material, combining heavy rock songs with dramatic ballads and upbeat punk songs. As they prepared to release the album, they decided it was long overdue for them to change their name. Their old name, "The Bulldog Brothers", was the name Roman and Sam had picked as 3rd graders. So while it held sentimental value, it was a little outdated. They renamed themselves "Circus Fiction", and on September 15th, they officially released the album. Currently, the band is sending out samples to radio stations, labels, and music reviewers, hoping to gain some listeners and see where it takes them. Check out the album on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, and more!

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Band Members
Sam Rogers-Petro, Roman Fiorella, Jordan Boatman, Ben Rogers-Petro, Daniel Rogers-Petro
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Circus Fiction
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Rock / Punk Rock / Alternative Metal

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Philadelphia, PA
Oliver Boyask

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