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Krypter was started by two friends with a mutual love for all things metal. In the begining it was nothing more than an abstract conversation between Jeff and Dan. Finally started in the winter of 2008, Krypter picked up the bassist, Pat, the following spring and set about writing a wealth of songs based on mutual love for metal's varied history, and a facination with armagheddon.
The following ye
ar Eli and Brad joined the band, rounding out the other guitar position, and keyboards. After a long and arduous search for a singer, it turned out that Brad had some un-tapped awesomeness deep inside and he took the helm as vocalist for the band. Now working on vocals for thier first album "Into The Arms of the Apocalypse" in the studio, Krypter will be releasing the album and playing shows all over the midwest in 2011.

Made up of a bunch that can only be described as "metal geeks" there is no corner of the metal universe Krypter will not explore. Deep love for the hey-day of chainsaw guitars and soaring melodies from Iron Maiden, swirled with the heavy riffs of Megadeth, and mixed with the blood of dark progressive metal in the vein of Type O Negative, and Devin Townsend, Krypter hopes to take the listener on a journey to the edge with them to face the void and come back with fists held high, and heads banging.

Long live metal.

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Eli Godfrey, Dan Rathbun, Jeff Blair, Pat Shields, Brad Scearce
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Metal / Classic American Thrash / NWOBHM

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Bloomington, IL