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Cadie Maria is a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur. Her first song was written before age six. She says "Music has always been apart of who I am. And now I have the opportunity to share my love for music with you. I aspire to be a voice for the mute... Music is a remedy for a broken heart and lost soul." Cadie's ultimate goal is to one day be like the many doctors of music before her and cure someone by providing hope.

"Sometimes people forget how greatly music can effect them. I want to give people something to feel good about." she says. As stated her journey began at a young age. Cadie discovered that while most children played with toys and watched television she was much more engulfed with escaping into another realm she created. Cadie Maria would write her endeavors down and talk about the other worldly characters she came across. Her passion for creativity blossomed like a bud in the dead of Spring. She was soon on a roll. Writing stories and songs about her experiences with her world and this one. The turning point that gave her the determination to share her stories and songs occurred when she was in high school.

"I was sitting at a lunch table and was asked to sing a song. I was kind of hesitant to sing one of my own because before then I only sung my songs to my family. But the words came out before I could think. Singing was my nature and so I just went with it. I saw the looks on their (peers) faces as I kept going. And I saw that with my pain they could relate. From that moment I knew I had to do this as a living. I believe that artists are doctors for the emotions. And I have signed up for a national surgery."

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