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Mairin was originally conceived 2005 by Lloyd Martin and Steven George. At the time, Lloyd had been experiencing extreme difficulty keeping a stable line-up for his progressive metal project, so the two decided the new music should be simplistic. Beginning with an acoustic song that Steve had written and brought to Lloyd, they continued on to write five songs together; Lloyd wrote the lyrics based upon his life experiences and his feelings at the time and formed an album which was never recorded.

After a few years, Lloyd moved to New York and the production of that album was put aside indefinitely. However, using the Mairin moniker, he continued to work using music, voice samples, and such that he’d acquired or composed and coupled them with letters he’d written to people over the years. It was during this time that the music became more complex and the initial point of simplicity became abandoned. Further production proved to be fruitless due to suffering complications finding the necessary talent and a dedicated line-up in New York.

Lloyd returned to Ohio after about a year and was soon connected with an old acquaintance, singer/songwriter and bassist, Dan Rivera. Upon listening to and liking what material had been assembled up to that point, Dan decided to be a session musician for Mairin. Shortly afterward, Lloyd came in contact with Kellen Hodak to work with them as a session drummer. Steve returned to continue playing guitar with the group for the “Pictures of the Sun” album, but couldn’t continue due to life constraints. Despite that fallback, Dan and Lloyd began arranging the material and Dan took over playing second guitar on the album. Between the two of them, they compiled four complete songs to complete the E.P “Inside a View,” which is the precursor to the album “Pictures of the Sun.” Down the line, Miyuki Morris was enlisted to sing backup vocals on the album as well, graduating the number to four members and enabling recording to commence months later at Zing Studios in Massachusetts.

A session keyboardist was required for certain parts of the album in which Terran Olson (Maudlin of the Well/Kayodot) makes an appearance. Another cameo is Greg Massi (Baliset/Maudlin of the Well/Kayodot) who played lead guitar/solo on the song “Inside a View.”

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Lloyd Martin Dan Rivera (additional session members)
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Rock / Progressive / Metal

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Columbus, OH