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People call me by nickname, Som.
Full name: Simone Pluijmers
Dutch and born on 29-11-1991.
Exhale vocalist.

History of doing vocal covers on Youtube and guestvocals on albums as live. Infected Epididymides (Chuck from Volksmerink), Cerebral Engorgement, my old international project Lacerated and my first band Cerebral bore July 2010-November 2012.
Go to my Youtube channel to check out my work: www.youtube.com/user/smoonegrri

- NO vocal effects

Youtube - the BEGINNING:
A few years back I started a youtube channel to find myself a band.
Have been doing all kinds of vocal covers.
Almost all my old work is still up there (band work, covers, projects and almost all guestvocals)

Metal maniac since age 8.

Metal vocals are not a joke and you won't ever stop learning from them, you'll be surprised how much you can learn of one simple average growl. Your vocal chords are after all muscles you have to build up and train, which can take years. Imagine going to the gym for the first time, you won't expect having a bunch of muscles after the first day, right?
Experiment, ALOT. Don't ask anyone else, that will only confuse you, same as with driving lessons or sports, you have to experience yourself to learn it.
Stop immediately when your throat hurts, again, its not a joke and can be dangrous! Build it up by singing for 5 seconds straight, have a 40 seconds break and try to sing for 10 seconds straight, etc etc. Build it up and try to do it every day. <(Find your own timing in this, whatever suits you best). (+Melissa Cross vocal warm ups).
Train the muscles that sit next to your vocal chords. These muscles are called the "inner larynx muscles" and they control the closure of your vocal chords.
Dont EVER drink chocolate milk or any weird drinks to help your singing, it doesn't. It will create a fake layer on your chords and you wont feel anything during singing, but at the end your chords will be ruined. Water is your best option. If you're sick, try eat healthy food and take as less as possible medication. Medication dries out your throat.

Thank you and hopefully 'till soon!

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