Prince Sampson / Bio

Real name :- Prince Sampson.
Born :- London England (UK)

Prince is the eldest of three brothers born in London to Guyanese parents and
spent the first eight years of his life in the Battersea / Wandsworth area where
he went to school, played foot ball and did all the typical things associated with
being a child in late 1960’s Britain.
At that very time Prince’s parents moved the whole family to Guyana which
proved to be the catalyst that drew him towards music.

Guyana was once known as British Guiana and is the only English speaking
country in the South American continent.
Being constantly surrounded by all types of music from neighboring countries
such as Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname Prince felt a wealth of musical
abundance which provided a colourful palette on which he has always drawn
on for musical creativity.
On returning to London at the start of the eighties self -taught Prince played
guitars for a number of reggae bands before receiving an invitation to join
“The Pasadenas” who took the charts by storm and scored hits with songs like
“Tribute (Right on)” and “ I’m Doing Fine Now”
Doing such a prominent gig led Prince to do guitar sessions for a host of
other artists.

Now as an Ivor Novello nominated and Sony Music Publishing signed Guitarist ,
Songwriter & Producer Prince releases his debut Soul / Jazz cross- over album
“ Living In The Moment” to critical acclaim.
The album features some of London’s finest talents.
Patrick Clahar, Snake Davis, Noel Mckoy, Chris Ballin, Geoffrey Williams
Chimaine Sampson, Andrew Banfield (Pasadenas vocalist) and Joe Cang.

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Prince Sampson
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