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In the beginning, The Threads were known as Groovy Threads. The band consisted of childhood and high school friends that worked collaboratively in creating such east/central Edmonton hits as "Discoland" and "Vagrancy". 'The Plaid Album' was recorded and mastered on a Tascam 4-track and, in the words of Tom Petty, the future was wide open. Alas, as often occurs with new found stardom, in-house fighting, prostitutes and pyramid schemes nearly tore the band apart. In 2001, out of the ashes, original members Doug Hiebert and Greg Campbell worked out their differences and joined forces with bassist Rob Townsend (whom Doug had formerly played with in Stone Potion and Gods and Monsters) and started jamming. By 2009, 'Groovy' was dropped and 'The' was added. The current version of The Threads (made up of Greg, Doug, Rob, Kelly Pikula on percussion, Ward Parker on keys/Ipad, and James Dockerill on lead guitar) was gradually put together since 2009.

After 8 years of practicing, watching hockey and drinking beer, The Threads put together enough strong material to record their debut CD 'Shinny & Deke'. The album was released November 23, 2010. Shinny & Deke was recorded at Sound Extractor studio in Edmonton and produced by the amazing Stew Kirkwood. The CD is mainly a collection of older songs that we revisited and tinkered with. The album itself has been described by some of our sober friends as "good", "okay", and "mediocre at best". When these same friends are intoxicated, they've described the album as "fuckin' spectacular", "mind altering" and "really, really, good...I didn't think you dumb fucks had it in you". One friend, who was listening to us practice recently, raved "I didn't really hear what you were playing, I was just thinking about what I was going to do in tomorrow's lacrosse practice". And that basically sums up The Threads, we strive to provide you with music that you can play in the background while you focus on more (or less) important things that are going on in your life. Although 'Shinny and Deke' has yet to be reviewed by anyone to date, it is sure to gain cult status sometime in the not too distant future.

2012/2013 has been a busy time for The Threads as we've played numerous shows around town, played with some great bands and received some generous feedback. Our music is difficult to classify as we weave between folk, rock, reggae, and country but the common thread (pardon the multiple puns) is the melodic feel that we strive to achieve with each new song that we tackle. We are currently planning on returning to Sound Extractor studio in November, 2013 to record our second CD and will have the luxury of choosing amongst an abundance of new songs...or we might release a double CD and record them all. We hope to slowly release some live video featuring some of the new songs onto our website (www.thethreadsmusic.com) in the next little while. We would love to hear from you all regarding possible album titles or any feedback for that matter.


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Greg Campbell - Guitar/Vocals, Doug Hiebert - Guitar/Vocals, Rob Townsend - Bass/Vocals, James Dockerill - Guitar, Kelly Pikula - Drums
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The Threads
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Rock / Acoustic rock

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Edmonton, AB, CA