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The prophets idea was first formed in youth. Always fascinated by televangelists and thier tales of woe, "doom is coming" we would all hear them say . this date, that date, whatever. We say doom is here. In the world around us. In our homes, In our schools, In the courtroom, and pumped directly into your brain via television.
The concept is that with so many "bands" out there saying the same thing, things have become stagnant. Civil unrest is in nearly every country. The ones controlling the mass population are fast losing their grip. By employing the tactics of our enemies. we scream back into our owners faces and sing a fortelling song of the destruction of those who would control us. Religion, Government, Money, Racialism, and Ignorance are all we stand against now and forever.

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toker- vocals,( production/ sampling,. vocals, hype)
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Prophets of Doom
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Franklin, OH
Kristin Coldiron