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Singer/Songwriter from the peoples republic of Yeovil,England. I started playing guitar the same day I picked one up which was a Tuesday I believe, Tuesdays are pretty much world renowned as great picking up guitar and playing days. I have heard good things about Wednesday but what with the whole, "Wednesdays child is full of woe!" thing, Tuesdays have pretty much taken 1st place. Anyway, Tuesday I picked up the guitar and by Thursday, I don't know which Thursday, I had learnt all the 3 chords you could ever need, 3 chords by Thursday is pretty much world renowned as being a good time to have learnt 3 chords, 3 chord Friday was being pushed as an industry standard but what with that whole unlucky,"Friday the 13th" thing that the superstitious society we all know and love has going on it was pretty much agreed that Thursday should become the recognised standard. I think I bought my first capo on Saturday. Saturday is and was and is always a great day for buying guitar based add-ons for the inadequatley-talented, 3 chord by Thursday, picked up guitar on Tuesday, type guitarist from Yeovil. Sunday was like, for years,a great guitar based add-on sort of day,for talentless 3 chord Thursday thanks to picked up Tuesdays type people but that whole,"I'm Jesus and Sunday's mine!" shindig was the straw that broke "add-on Sundays" back, so Saturday was the day picked up Tuesdays, 3 chord Thursday type dude, acquired add-on Saturdays capo.
Part 2, "Swimming with cholera",follows shortly.......

Part 2,"Swimming with cholera"........
John Hasnip played in the very Wonderful Urban Folk Collective a band that in the 90's was compared to Neil Diamonds aunt Muriel on more than one occasion. They appeared at many festivals across the south west even playing Glastonbury, the White Hart Glastonbury that is to hardly any notable acclaim. Having written many songs, he was lucky to have one on a compilation CD bound for the Cannes Film and Music festival, the song called, "Don't say its over" proved to have such an international feel it now currently resides on the outskirts of Paris with his wife OoLaLa and there siamese cat called "Twin" His next Band was called Bluejay Way, all songs were written by the classic Woodhouse/Hasnip songwriting team that Lennon McCartney tried so succesfully to emulate 30 years previously. A vocal harmony derived combination with clashing Rickenbacker guitar sounds they were hailed as the "next big thing" gigging exstensively around England playing top venues like, The Mean Fiddler, The Garage, Dublin Castle and the Half moon Putney all London places as well as The Cavern in Liverpool where a very famous band used to play, thats right, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, they played everywhere and anywhere, proof that £10 quid and a packet of Pork Scratchings can buy you anything!! Next came The Buskings,a formidable duo that played the length and breadth of New Milton.Two guitars and two vocal Harmonies, they pushed the boundries of harmonic guitar based pop in New Milton to the extreme. Still holding the record of "Most gigs in consecutive days with a dvd to prove it by a duo in July," their "8 days a week tour" broke all previous based 8 day tour records. All good things come to an end though and making a wrong turn on the way home from a gig one night he ended up in Augusta Maine,where he now plys his trade. With strong vocals and his trusty guitar he plays songs spanning The Beatles, Del Amitri, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, The Who, Simon and Garfunkel, Nick Lowe, Green Day, The Beat, Van Morrison, Tom Petty and many many more. A top entertainer with a quick wit and a solid catalogue of songs, great vocals, and expressive guitar style. John Hasnip and the American dream, what a combination!

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John Hasnip

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