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i want to change the world, but i don't know what to do.... so i leave it up to you..
Toxic Fuse is basically a dude who has way too many records and instruments, and spends way too much time listening to music and writing songs... ugh.
i was turned on to punk rock at an early age.. when i was around 11 or so.. i got into skateboarding and by the time i was 15 i was pretty much obsessed with darby crash and skating.. i was in the Army Barbers at age 15 playing guitar w/Jamie Kirkpatrick on bass and vocals and Paul Massey on drums... didn't play much after that until i went to Victoria College and hooked up with Trey Robles who later played in the Distractors and then Hardfeelings.. thats when i got more into really early blues (like pre war blues), rockabilly and tons of 60's garage (like the Sonics).. also at that time the whole 90's garage revival was going on so i was really into the whole Mummies, Rip Offs, Makers, art damaged punks like Lord High Fixers, Sons of Hercules.. etc.. thats when i started the Alcoholic Helltones with my wife Mellisa Ann... we played together for like 10+ years and put out some records.. and had some really good times/shows.. then in 2005 i started doing Toxic Fuse songs only, and pretty much quit the Alcoholic Helltones (my own band) because i wanted to play some more personal songs... here i am today still playing, probably should've quit while i was ahead... i still love punk, garage, rnb, rnr, blues, psyche, free jazz, chaino, hasil and pretty much anything creepy, strange, ugly or desperate... i like to cry when i get hurt so, it's o.k. i'm used to it already...
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Victoria, Texas
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too many to name..
blues, folk, psyche.. not necessarily in that order..
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things i like: unicorns, puppies, chocolate, beer, rainbows, flowers, stars, cannabis, deep space, records, laughter, babies, smiles, oranges, muscles, gravity, sunbeams, whiskey, dragons, star wars, skateboarding, native americans, pyramids, fresh cut lawns, spring showers, waxed curbs, spaceships, tortellini, maize, big cats, movies with talking animals, pineapple chunks, worn out shoes, the ocean, philosophy, feminists, dreams, lemonade, hippies, revolution, campfires, cartoons, dirt, fruitcups, reverb, pizza.

things i don't like very much: politics, jail, cops, paper cuts, hangovers, wine coolers, melodrama, anxiety, nausea, goths, spiders, religion, sitcoms, clearchannel, illiteracy, meanies, poachers, liars, thieves, murder, pushers, cheaters, demons, dust, heartaches, mayonnaise, war, poverty, body modifications, fratcars, mermaids.

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toxic fuse, mellisa, dagger, stephanie
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Toxic Fuse
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Folk / Blues / Psychedelic

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Victoria, TX