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When asked to describe their music using just one word, the edgy alternative rock band, For the Love of Sloane's answer was: A wave. And it's true. Their music is nothing short of captivating, and it’s because their sound has both the consistency of waves on a beach as well as the individuality that each swell onto shore brings. Each new wave is just as hypnotic and addictive as the next. Their mission as a group is to mix things up for their listeners, and keep them intrigued at every verse. They pull this off effortlessly all while maintaining a consistent undulating flow. Their music moves in and out, surges and swells, glides and crashes. You can rely on their provocative lyrics and fierce indie rock and punk rhythms. Their songs stand out on their own but work just as well together to form a magnetic set that keeps you on your toes.

But who IS For the Love Sloane? Four passionate artists Elese, Michelle, Jay, and Steve, who are all equipped with their own distinct expertise, but when they get together they leave you with icy hot music that stays with you. Its echo accompanies you in the shower, in the car, and just walking down the street; and honestly you’re glad it does.

Their style combines the fun, edgy essence of punk, the emotion of a ballad, and the resonating power of rock. This sound got them invited to Lilith Fair in 2010, voted Motif Magazine's 2009 Breakthrough Band of the Year, and 2009’s NewportRI winner of “Battle of the Bands” to name a few of their acclaims.

In a nutshell, Steve sees colors when he plays, Michelle experiences each song as a musical adventure, Jay hits things and then hits them harder, and Elese looks like Liv Tyler but sings intoxicating lyrics that Liv surely can’t. Their music doesn’t come from anywhere specific; it evolves from a feeling, which they then bring to life. “I’ll try to think of a part of a song and a certain color and what sound would make up that color. Whether it would be using a certain effect pedal or using everyday stuff like a Taco Bell “Spork” or house fan. It sounds weird and it’s hard to explain but basically, when I hear something, I associate a color with it.” That's Steve's take on creating music; the others have just as unique an approach which works to create their fluid sound. Just the way one yearns for the sound of crashing waves on the shore every summer, one craves For the Love of Sloane in that same instinctual way.

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Elese, Jay, Michelle, Stephen
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For the Love of Sloane
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Providence, RI