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Econoline has returned with a second album four years after their eponymous debut. While the first album was a solid effort, it lacked in certain areas including depth of sound. The song writing reflected the muscular, hard rock mindset that the band had grown up with. The lyrics ranged from everyday workmen's prose to playful imagery of the mind. There were inklings of where the band was heading with songs like 'One Arm Bandit' and 'Rescue Dawn'. Perhaps it is because of the tepid response that the first album received or maybe the music had extra time to ferment over the long recording hiatus, either way Econoline's newest release 'Sea of Crises' is a bold leap from the first album's launching pad. The songs are longer with divergent peaks and valleys. The lyrical themes have taken a turn into the darker regions of the mind. There is a coherent nature to these songs. This is truly a long form album in a time where such things are about as appealing to the music world as a jab to the face. In a lot of ways that is exactly what 'Sea of Crises' is; a stiff jab to your aural senses. Its content is for the most part not brutal or intentionally shocking but it does have an alarming immediacy which can not be denied. It is also pleasing to report that even though the band has matured since their first outing one property has not been lost: gut busting guitar pyrotechnics. Under the crystalline production of John Iadevaio, Anthony Zammit's guitars exude power and his solos burn into the firmament brighter than ever before. Dennis Mirovsky's drumming runs the gauntlet between back-breaking brawn and dexterous, intricate brilliance. Tom Doyle returns to the fold as bassist/vocalist. When asked if he considers 'Sea of Crises' to be the band's first "concept album", he smiles and shrugs. "I guess that depends on the person listening. But as long as you dig it then it doesn't really matter anyway." One thing is for certain, with repeated listening to 'Sea of Crises' it yields different dimensions and avenues for the mind to wander. Almost as if there are loose threads revealing themselves to the listener and with each one you pull; who knows if that will be the one which unravels the veil.

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