YEAR OF THE GUN was formed in 2009 from the ashes of several veteran rock & metal bands and even some cover bands around the Ohio Valley region. Many are the wicked shows we have played in our years! Now our goal is to take YOTG as far as we can with our strange and original melodic hard rock/metal w/a southern flair~!!!

Vocalist Steve Sawyers: has been a louevil rock veteran from way back. Longer than any of us. You can tell by the way he sings! Steve has always had an above average voice for rock, and he comes up with some great vocal lines/melodies & lyrics. Steve writes all the lyrics. Steve is a crucial member of YOTG.
Steve sang for 90's thrashers SHATTERED REALITY, NEVER, and the cover bands BLOWFLY & ORION..

Guitarist Eddy Metal: writes most of the bands music ideas & comes up with some very cool guitar riffs. Eddy plays rhythm guitar and plays some leads too, mostly tasty effects laden fills.
Eddy's patented droptuned B tuning and guitar tone are memorable & thick!
Eddy has been in popular bands like 13TH LEVEL & 90's thrash metal monsters INHUMAN. Never scared, nervous or shy, Eddy's long experience rockin shows as he takes the YOTG flag and shoves it in your face!!!

Guitarist Matt Roeder: really gets into his performance. The dude don't even know people are there. He just shreds!!! Matt has been a guitar freak since his early teens, and has fueled some serious thrash metal bands with his abusive pummeling style of metal.
Playing lead guitar in INHUMAN and 13TH LEVEL. Matt's frenzied playing is a thing to see/hear. Of course Matt isn't playing thrash now, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the more laid back melodic metal we play now in YOTG.

Bassist Lee Lanham: is the funkmeister general. Lee has some serious groove and technique going on, implementing jazz, funk and metal into one driving unique style. Tall & imposing, Lee takes Bass guitar to new heights that most don't traverse. Dude is all over the neck and never plays what the guitar do! It's always different and rockin!
Lee also sings backups well and contributes in the writing.
Lee played bass in rap rock metal band INTAK.

Drummer Chuck Skibo: is a drum machine with feet! Constant and driving, Chuck loves to play the drums! Dude could be in 10 cover bands but chooses to play originals with these misfits from hell. Chuck is the backbone of YOTG and the power behind the throne. He is the one who keeps us in check! lol. Chuck has been in several cover bands and a few original bands as well. Chuck is the newest member of YOTG!!! Chuck played in Those Sensational Bastards & a Guns N Roses Tribute back in the day!

YOTG plays Rico Jr & Gibson guitars, and Bogner & Engl amps!

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Vocals; Steve Sawyers, Guitar; Eddy Metal, Guitar; Matt Roeder, Bass; Lee Lanham, Drums; Chuck Skibo
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Rock / metal / southern rock

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Louisville, KY