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It all started in '93, when drummer Whytey met guitarist Jason Klassen and wanted to form a band. They found a singer, then hunted down a bass player and formed a hard rock band called Boneyard. They recorded a demo tape (yes i said tape) in '95 and shopped it around and played a bunch of local shows in Vancouver. Word spread and the band started to get a buzz going and more and more people started coming out to shows. In '96 they went in to the studio to record their debut cd with producer Delwyn Brooks and were now ready to take on the world. They shopped the cd, and played tons of local shows getting the opening slots for bands such as LA Guns, Nickelback, and many many more. In '98 they did their first big tour across Canada in an old van that the band bought and fixed up. They sold cd's and t-shirts to fund the tour, and had a blast on the road making many memories along the way. When they returned from the tour, they let go their lead singer, and the hunt was on to find a replacement. They weren't having much luck with the auditions until one day, when the band was rehearsing, they heard a guy in the room across the hall singing Skid Row songs, and he sounded just like Sebastian Bach and were totally blown away. Long story short, they asked him if he wanted to come jam some Skid Row tunes with them, things went well, and Boneyard now had the best singer in the world in their band...Mr Nick Voltage. So Nick learned all the songs and they went out and played more and more shows to bigger and bigger crowds. In 2000, they recorded their 2nd cd, "Heart on a Chain" at Ear Art Studio's and a mini tour of Canada followed. After the mini tour, their bass player left, and once again they found themselves on the hunt for a new member. It didn't take long until they found the best rock n roll bass player in the world, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Mr Frankie Star. Once again the lineup was complete. In 2002, they recorded their 3rd full length cd "All we are" at Ear Art Studio's and you guessed it, did tons and tons of shows. In 2004, starting to feel a little burned out with the ever changing music bizz, they decided to pack it up. In 2005, Whytey, Frankie, and Nick, formed another band, Hounds of Merry, and recorded 1 cd and only played a handful of local shows. Frankie left to do his own thing and the band slowly died off. Nothing much was happening with all the guys, and in late 2010, the guys decided to see what Jason Klassen was up to, and see if he wanted to start rockin' again. Well, they had one jam, and it was tight as ever. So they decided then to give it another go, but thought the name Boneyard was a little dated and a change was in order to freshen things up a bit. So, they decided to go with something very different, The Understream.

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Guitars-Jason Klassen, Bass-Frankie Star, Vocals-Nick Voltage,Drums- Scott " Whytey" Whyte
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The UnderStream
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Vancouver, BC, CA

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