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Breez2.0 was born October 19, 1993 in Brooklyn NY. Breez2.0 did not always go by this name. During the earlier parts of his career Breez2.0 went by the name Yung Breez, a name given to him by his older cousin. Breez2.0 has been writing music since he was 8 years old, and recorded his first official song when he was 13. Breez2.0 is originally from Brooklyn New York but is currently located in Atlanta because he wanted to expand his variety of music and he knew the educational opportunities were better in Georgia. When ask why he raps he had this to say “Rapping is not a get rich quick scheme to me, I rap because it’s something I love doing and it’s a great way to help me vent with my emotions”. After leaving New York in 2009, Breez ended up signing his first record deal the summer of 2010. He signed to an Independent record label “Chase Star Music Group” but did not stay on the label long however, Breez said in later interviews the reason he left was because he felt like the label was restricting him of his artistic freedom and did not wish to conform for the sole purpose of going main stream. After Breez dropped the label he began making music by himself thus becoming an independent artist. During his career Breez collaborated with numerous artists such as the infamous Angel Haze, Capo, Stud, T.o.n.e, and many other young artists who are making a name for themselves thus creating a buzz for him. This young artist shows promise because of his way to bring innovation and creativity to every track he creates. He currently has two mix tapes out on Datpiff.com and is doing numbers. He also had a radio interview with the infamous radio personal Ms. Drama when he was 18, not a lot of young artist gets that opportunity, so that says something about his grind. For more on his music you can check out his website WN.com/Breezv2cc. Breez is now working on his EP which is schedule to drop Summer 13.

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