From the day of their forming in 1998, the Golden Apes seem enveloped by an aura of the particular, a kind of being different amidst the alternative Gothic & Wave scene in Germany and Europe.
A Name inspired by Nietzsche, the associative, picturesque and surreal poetry of the lyrics, the dogma-freed negation of musical boundaries and standards, otherwise typical for that certain kind of genre,– it was always hard for critics the same as for fans to put a final label to the band, to find one of those famous drawers to slide them in.
„Guilty“ of this circumstance is for sure (next to the cryptic-philosophical contentual depth, never over-elevating itself) their tonal mutability, their relaxed approach to musical influences and stylistic curiosity. Thus their music at one time contains the resolute roughness of the early Psychedelic Furs, the next time the melancholy of The Cure’s wistfulness, another time the epic vast of Fields of the Nephilim and then again the claustrophobic isolation of Joy Division, filigree acoustic patterns being part of it as much as distorted , driving energy, structural simplicity as much as complex collages of sound.
All this is no contradiction in the musical cosmos of the Golden Apes but rather essence and origin, context and creative evolution.
Therefore one can dare to predict with almost Cassandric ease that, following the dark and energetic „Riot“ (2012) and the melancholic acoustic-album „The Langsyne Litanies“, the Golden Apes´ next Release, planned for fall 2016, will once again delight musically and surprise stylistically.

(Vito Schneider, August 2015)

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Peer Lebrecht - Vocals, Dirk Wildenhues - Guitar, Christian Lebrecht - Bass, Aris Zarakas - Guitar, Gunter Buechau - Keyboard
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Alternative / Gothic / Dark Wave

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Berlin, DE