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Since their 2009 masterpiece, Bible Of The Beast, POWERWOLF are said to be one of the most outstanding acts of today’s European heavy metal scene. Bible Of The Beast's entrance into the German charts upon its release cemented the band's status in Europe the last unaware few realized that the pack around singer and master of ceremony, Attila Dorn, had outgrown the status of an underground band.
Infamous for their live shows, the wolves embarked on a tour soon after the release of Bible Of The Beast, starting with celebrated festival appearances (Summer Breeze, Bang Your Head, etc.), before playing a headlining tour in autumn, which lead them through Germany, Benelux and Switzerland. To give the growing crowd of followers more opportunities to attend the metal mass, in 2010 POWERWOLF were part of the Metal Fest tour, also leading them to countries like Czech Republic and Hungary, before crowning their touring activities with a celebrated appearance as headliner of the 2nd stage at UKs Bloodstock Festival.

In 2011 the wolves are back with their long awaited fourth album, Blood Of The Saints. The album title itself is a sign that the
wolves stayed true to themselves; the lyrical concept once again refers to biblical parables. The album title refers to a passage out
of the Revelation of John: "I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." This
passage, which has been a source of controversy and discussion for centuries, fascinated POWERWOLF such that it became the starting point for the concept of the album.
On the musical side, POWERWOLF tried to outdo themselves. On their previous albums, they experimented with an unusual
cooperation with a classical conservatory, but for Blood Of The Saints they went even further. Besides using no less than five
different studios and a church (where organist Falk Maria Schlegel performed his organ parts), they recorded the classical choir parts in a historical church from the 13th century. "The sound of 40 classically trained men and women singing POWERWOLF songs in a church is unique. This can't be simulated in any studio. That's why we took the effort to search for such special places for the recordings" reports Falk Maria Schlegel. And it's these details that add the uniqueness to Blood Of The Saints. The church organ and choirs, the spoken prayers and interludes - everything contributes to the uniqueness of POWERWOLF's sound.
And indeed, POWERWOLF succeed to achieve what many bands can only dream of; to establish their very own yet unique style
within the power metal scene. Straight from the start, Blood Of The Saints demonstrates what POWERWOLF is all about: dark and epic power metal, with the signature voice of Attila Dorn and an almost shameless sense for catchy hits. From the opening hymn "Sanctified With Dynamite", until the last chord of "Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild)", it is the combination of majestic and orchestral arrangements and straight-forward old school metal that provides the songs with that infectious joy of playing that makes you raise your first and howl with the wolves. Not without respectfully quoting their heroes, from Iron Maiden to Accept, here and there ("Night Of The Werewolves", "Son Of A Wolf") with no exception all of the ten songs on Blood Of The Saints scream to be celebrated live. "I think we have managed to find a great balance between epic and orchestral parts and furious metal action - all wrapped in great and catchy songs" comments guitarist Matthew Greywolf. Mentioning the catchiness of the songs, it is with no doubt that after listening to instant hits such as "We Drink Your Blood" or "Murder At Midnight", one will have to admit that there is hardly any other band in the contemporary heavy metal scene that produces such a large output of potential hit-single tunes.
Right in time for the release of Blood Of The Saints, POWERWOLF are confirmed for a number of high profile festivals:
Metalcamp, Summer Breeze, Masters Of Rock. The pack will embark on the "Power Of Metal Tour" with Sabaton, Grave Digger and Skullfist in September. This killer package will for sure be a great occasion for the wolves to bring their metal mass to the waiting crowd of followers.
Blood Of The Saints will be released on August 2nd in North America, July 29th (G/A/S) and August 1st (rest of Europe).

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Attila Dorn, Matthew Greywolf, Charles Greywolf, Falk Maria Schlegel
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