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Dale Schwarz / Bio

Project Harmon

Gentlemen it saddens me that the plan to eradicate our holdings with that fool Destroyer have been a mild success.
While we failed to initiate the global fault replicator destroying trillions in holdings, we did manage to net enough from our Detroit holdings to show a profit.
However it appears we have a problem.
James Harmon IV. 17. Young Genius with a patriotic Lawful Good streak. He stands for everything American and high profile.
It seems we didn't underestimate the Champions after all
We introduced a new player.
Communications from the Greenland tectonic manipulation station and the South Pole relay have suggested a Super-Being of Legendary status manifested itself at BOTH locations during the conflict before we could tectonically destabilize our non fault area holdings.
Either the attack triggered a latent mutant power or we have located a time stream which is, unusable by us or ours.
Our first attempt to replicate this process through cloning yielded Luther Black, obviously a conscious invoker with little success.

Whatever is the case Harmon has been followed for nearly a year now, and we suspect, no, we know he is creating a costumed identity.
However power signatures and espionage reports suggest it is no where near what our boys last sight was.
The Satellite signatures from the two stations suggest our phenomenon was Magical in origin.
We have been encouraging this development also, providing small amounts of funding to his budding electronics corporation and leaking Zerstoiten technologies his direction.
Coupled with his own we may even see advancements undreamt of.
Oh My God. He's HERE!


Name: Albert Zerstoiten (Deceased)
Age: 95
IQ: 200+
Powers:Albert Zerstoiten: None. Harbringer: Power Armor that is highly adaptable and nearly indestructible.
Facts: Born the son of a Bavarian doll maker in 1917. Child prodigy in college by twelve. Two PhD's by twenty. Assassinated by his former masters in the Third Reich.

History:At this point in history UNITY is certain Zerstoiten was replaced by a double. With no one to stand in the way of his technology the Dr. Destroyer identity was created to stage super attacks culminating with Detroit. Neatly making Silhouette Corp. who was heavily invested in key points around the globe incredibly wealthy.

The same Silhouette Corporation which sells super powers...

For want of a nail.

Resurrected by a spirit of peace , he found himself a Fax machine at SC placing his orders for a replacement body. Un interested in politics or tyranny, he became a secret not even Silhoutte knows about. In his travels he has ascended and is considered deity.

The Hare


Name : Jill Bates (formerly Helga Schullen)
Height : 5'6
Weight : 100 Tons (As Jill Bates) 120 pounds (As Helga; Deceased)
Powers :The Hare Has magic powers and changes her costume with them. Uttering the phrase "Kinky Maynard" she magically changes from mild-mannered Jill to the Hare.
Calling upon the Radiance of the Reverent Jim Long, the Hare shoots force bolts and is an unarmed master as well as proficient in all manner of munitions.
Origin : Jill Bates was created by a bizarre twist of fate.
You see, Jill was actually nude model Helga Schullen was sadly laid to rest in dearest Norway.
Meanwhile in a nearby cave a trapped and dying doctor is about to make a powerful discovery. Striking a wooden staff on the ground he triggers a transformation into the mightiest hammer wielding Norse God.
By accident our good Helga's ashes were drifting by scant yards above the cave, the majestic lighting destroying every ounce of her mortal remains.
And opening a door.
Her Victorian secret had been laid to rest in a boys home, smuggled contraband some warden or another had overlooked.
For nearly a century.
Pages old and dry withered, well preserved and nearly invisible. Grimoire of nudity and nakedness and all things deprived young men might love.
Mingled with the destroyed remains, their potent fixation breached a dimension, a doorway for the true good, not just the truth to shine.
Instantly naked and shivering curled around herself on the snow in the Norwegian spring.

See more at www.champions-online.com or www.co.perfectworld.com
Champions Online On Alert! @rising.

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