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Sàquintel is a fictional DJ/producer as part of the Save Me From the Ninjas! project. As with all Save Me From the Ninjas! artists, Sàquintel’s music is made using Apple’s GarageBand software. The following biography is in regards to Sàquintel/the project’s fictional universe (which includes dates, critical recognition, chart positions, events, etc.). Also note that none of these artists actually have any vocals yet, so references to singing/rapping/lyrics are also (mostly) fictional. Sàquintel is one of the few artists I'll try to maintain semi-regular status updates for, which will be written in-character, so references to lyrics/vocals/events/etc. will also be largely fictional.

Sàquintel is an experimental Canadian musician/producer. Sàquintel’s music makes extensive use of odd arrangements, abrupt style changes, and unconventional structures, as well as occasional use of angular time signature and tempo shifts. His lyrics and vocal delivery are similarly eccentric, and he is known for rapping in a peculiar falsetto.

Sàquintel began in the early 1990’s as an alternative hip hop DJ, and although his music was far more traditional at the time, he was widely regarded as "outsider hip hop" for his rejection of the genre’s conventions and customs. Sàquintel was primarily a DJ and producer at the time, and rarely sung or rapped. Over time his musical experimentation expanded, as did his creative control, which included more singing/rapping and songwriting.

After eight albums and over a decade of independent work, Sàquintel signed with a major label for his ninth album, Vintage. However, he requested that no singles be released as promotion for the album, due to his opposition to the concept of a single. To Sàquintel’s frustration, the label released “Under Your Skin” as a single anyway. For contract reasons, Sàquintel released his tenth album, R.U.M.O.R.S. over four years later under the label before returning to independent music.

After self-releasing two further albums, Sàquintel began his project project “album of my life!!!!! i herd u like mudkipz?”, which is an indefinite collection of songs, distributed through the internet as they are finished.

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