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"I command respect unless its not given, and thats when Ill snatch it from your hands and tell you to do something about it."-Colonel Blaze

He doesnt look like a rapper. His voice is too deep, and he sounds like a demon.Whos Colonel Blaze? Area 33?

This talented and unorthodox underground artist is ready to silence all judgemental statements and show why he can be a hard force to stop.

The Colonel took interest in freestyling at the age 13, just a way to pass time while smoking heavy amounts of marijuana. By 15, his curiosity of music made a significant jump to complexed poetry and solid songwriting before getting an opportunity to record with neighborhood friends.

After re-locating from Houston to his birthplace in San Antonio, Blaze hooked up with local emcees to establish his prescence in a city that is desperate to elevate the muscial scene, especially in the hip/hop genre. Last year,Colonel Blaze teammed up with Loki Niles of Kickdoor Ent./SMG to release the debut mixtape "The EP Files", a six track EP featuring a buzz-worthy artist by the name of Slic Vic, as a pre cursor to his upcoming street album "Classified Status", slated to come out by the end of summer. In the meantime,the Universal Lyricist has leaked a couple of songs to holdover fans and future one alikes. "Mr. Unknown" and "Let Em Know" are two raw singles produced by Raymond A of Star Command and Severe of BlackMail Ent. The leaks are sure to keep heads interested as he takes a different approach to his craft.

His quest to be heard locally and worldwide is a long due process he thinks is worth the grind and effort to achieve success as an artist.

"I see new faces pop up overnight and get famous off a radio single. Next year these same artists will never be heard from , or evolve their craft to the next level, choosing similar production along with matching content. I rather be that person in the underground making solid music and fans appreciating my ALBUM as a piece of complete art not just one single.-Colonel Blaze

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Area33 affilliates: Loki Niles, Slic Vic
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Colonel Blaze
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Hip Hop / Lyrical / Unorthodox

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San Antonio, TX