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Categorizing The Fiddlebacks is a task as similarly challenging as predicting Oklahoma weather. Dozens of the most talented players in Tulsa have written, jammed, and performed with the band, each one leaving their distinct mark on the band's sound and overall persona. It is this eclectic hodgepodge of intellectual and artistic input that have channeled the The Fiddlebacks' sound to a place that can only be considered uniquely red dirt: uniquely Oklahoman. Mixing influences ranging from the classics country of Hank Sr. or the Western Swing of Bob Wills to the Outlaw Country of Hank Jr., Merle, Waylon, or Johnny with twinges of traditional bluegrass with a psychobilly spin, The Fiddlebacks bring a dancable high energy performance every night.

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The Fiddlebacks
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Tulsa, OK