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The Viking Truckers is a phenomenon in Swedish music history. They have sold well over a million records all over Europe.
They released a vinyl album in Sweden in 1983 entitled "Love On The Road", but just a few weeks later their record label filed for bankruptcy and consequently the record disappeared from the shelves.

The Viking Truckers was formed a few years earlier when a company from Switzerland contacted Bob Lander of Tal & Ton in Gothenburg, Sweden to see if they would consider recording a few "trucking songs" for them. The successful producer Peter Wiberg gathered a few session musicians in his studio, and thats how the first tracks were created of the "Viking Trucker project". All together they cut over 70 tracks, most all of them original songs written by the members of the group.

All rights to the masters are owned by the Swiss company and therefore it hasn´t been possible to re-release this material in Sweden. In other countries, such as Germany, France, Spain, etc. some compilation projects have been released using various names for the band. The Viking Truckers have been released as; The Winston Brothers, Narvel Jenkins, just to mention a few. But the songs have always been the same.

I was lucky to come across a copy of their record and I fell in love with their music. Now I wanted to find all of their music and releases, but it turned out to be difficult and finally I was able to borrow them from Stefan.

During the last 10 - 15 years, I've been trying to convince Bob and Stefan to re-unite the band, but it has never been possible due to various reasons. When Stefan left the famous group The Spotnicks, after 20 plus years in the beginning of 2009, then finally after all these years, Stefan asked me if we should try to do something with the Viking Truckers! Unfortunately this time without his old friend Bob Lander since he was fully occupied touring the world with Bo Winberg
and the Spotnicks.

The result is this record. In the summer of 2009 I was going to a Country Music Festival in Stockholm where Charlie McCoy, Chip Young and Rayburn Anthony were scheduled to perform. Stefan told me that Charlie was one of his big heroes and it would be a dream come true if it would be possible to have him coming to his studio in Gothenburg.

Unfortunately, it was not possible since he was booked on a flight leaving early next morning. However, we agreed for me to bring the new songs when I visited Nashville, where Charlie McCoy, Chip Young and Brent Mason played some sessions for us, in a studio in Nashville.

Rayburn helped me to get in touch with Larry Rogers who owns Studio19, formerly owned by Scotty Moore. Charlie and Chip played on many Elvis sessions in the early 60´s and forward. If You look at the musicians performing on records from the 60´s through the 70´s
You´ll find that their names can be found on most of the records from that period.

Today, Brent Mason is considered to be one of the worlds best guitar players and has recorded with all of the big Country artists in Nashville. Rayburn had a lot of success as a songwriter with several "Number 1´s" on the Country charts. He began his career on SUN Records in 1958 and has toured with huge acts like: Bobby Bare, Billy Walker and Carl Perkins just to mention a few.

If You put some legendary US musicians together with some of the best Country musicians Sweden has to offer in the same studio, You´re bound to come out with a great and successful project.

Jan Larsson Arvika

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