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As one of the longest running bands in Hardcore/Metal,
No Redeeming Social Value (NRSV) have seen and done it all
in their beer- fueled career. NRSV was founded in Queens, New
York City in 1988 and became an international touring sensation
with the release of 1996’s “Rocks The Party” full length on
Striving For Togetherness (SFT) Records.

While playing alongside the hardest bands in the world, they
were able to stand apart from the crowd due to their unpredictable
and manic live performances, an unusual sense of humor,
and absolutely punishing songs.
These beer drinking party animals play really heavy music
and their musical output is a perfect blend of punk rock attitude,
metal theatrics, and hardcore reality. They’ve shared stages with
Hatebreed, Iron Maiden, Body Count, Sick Of It All, Chuck D
of Public Enemy, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.), The Six And
Violence, Murphy’s Law and countless others. NRSV are
hardcore road warriors, having toured extensively in the United
States, Japan and Europe. The band was featured prominently in
the groundbreaking and award winning N.Y.H.C. Documentary
film .

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Sonic Maximizer - Gits., Seeweed - Beats, Franko - Bass, Major Damage - vox.
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No Redeeming Social Value
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Other / Hardcore / Punk

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Queens, NY
Dick VanButtlett