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Created in 1986, Msw has been a destructive force for 25 years.
First line up consisted of Jeff Fahy on Guitar. Totie Herman on Vocals. Ian Miller on Bass and Brian Duca on Drums.
After the release of the first recording "WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN" and the end of 1986 brought changes to the band with the relief of Ian and the addition of Dave "Scourge" Madden on Bass.
After writing new music the band released their 2nd recording "WOUNDED BUT ALIVE".The band played locally with band's such as OBSESSION, HATEBREED, LUNATTICK FRINGE, MUTILATOR, NEGATIVE EXISTANCE and many other thrashing bands in the early 1990's
with the 3rd recording "HOSTAGE OF TERROR", the band decided to break for a bit
Each member went and jammed with other bands and eventually all got back together with TOM KNAPP and LUNATTICK FRINGE and recorded "UNEARTHED" an 8 song cd to keep everyone thrashing.
In 1994 changes to the band eventually led to the creation of WORLD GONE MAD led by Jeff and Brian.
Dave,Totie and Tom went on to do other projects.
After a break to raise children MSW decided to do it again,
MSW now consists of long time members, Jeff, Dave and Brian with the addition of Lee Canapetti on rythem guitar and Anthony Quintiliano on Vocals
MSW is currently in the recording recording some of the best music they have ever wrote.

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4 Guys from CT
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MSW - Multiple Stab Wounds
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Stratford, CT

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