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Did you hear what Fil Kinetic said? Debt holders wear loose boots when they get a load of this; speculation is fair game when it's never been a fair game. Your obligations are intrinsic and esoteric and the business of those you love and those who love you. You were put here to be useful, not to use or be used. There was a time and there is a time, now, to pull together because we're largely the same. It was like this when we got here. By no means must it always and forever be the way it was when we got here. There's gold in them hills, there's blood in them numbers, there's tears in those rivers, and all the history we're taught was written with an agenda. The only thing we're supplied is demand itself. We've taken heavy damage on this floating rock from flying rocks. It's a bruised habitat. Cuts and blisters, wounds and scrapes, couldn't get insurance on this place if you tried. Why make it worse? There's enough real problems here without inventing problems that shift our attention to hating one another. This is all a fancy construct, and a loose consensus. It has always been up to you to determine what means anything. The rules of kings and queens have always been for the benefit of kings and queens, and, in one particular case, Mr Kite. Good and right are never zero sum. Fil Kinetic is my homeboy. Yours in rock, D'enny Vex

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fil kinetic Dr. Rufus Eric Yoder
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Rock / blues

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Chicago, IL

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