Ill Genetic is from the Gila River Indian Reservation in the state of Arizona and has been a fan of Hip Hop untill he decided to become a part of the Hip Hop movement in 2008. Ill has lived on the Gila River Indian Reservation most his life in the small town of Sacaton but moved to Pheonix at a young age then returned in his teens. His love for music began when he stared listening to Underground Hip Hop artists that rarely or never were on the radio. Hearing such a different style of rapping Ill decided to dig more into the roots and search for more amazing artists. After being a fan he felt he should get involved in Hip Hop himself and tell others how growing up on a reservation is and his experiences he has had. Ill isnt the only Natiive American MC from the Gila River. Other artists such as G.I. Joe, L.W.T., Mr. Stylelistik, Arcane, Desert Noize Productions, etc. have shared the sound of music and stories of their life through the ways of Hip Hop. Ill knew how to freestyle but wasn't really fond of showing others untill he really put hiseffort into Hip Hop. After about a year of rapping he began to get into another way of Hip Hop by producing beats. Ill had became a natural at beat making and has produced many beats for him and his fellow members of Aboriginal Abillities aka The A.A. Crew. With both combinations Ill had found his way in the elements of Hip Hop and still continues to make music till this day.

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Ill Genetic
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Sacaton, AZ