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Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Day Of Wrath is a spawning of awesomeness that is all about heavy fucking metal.

Day Of Wrath's style is; heavy fucking metal. A low tuned contemporary edge that also has thrash & death metal stylings - music is subjective so have a listen and judge for yourself, but, you will succumb to the mastery of 4 mother fuckers who will pummell your auditory senses with a powerful display of musical divination.

Initially assembled as a side project & to fill in at a gig Day Of Wrath was to powerful to stop. With the momentumn of a freight train they progressively plough through a set of intense metal leaving audiences with melted faces.

Several demo songs have been released via the internet over the past few years, all the while the band was busy conjuring the works that would come together as Day of Wrath's mission statement...

In 2011 Day Of Wrath commenced recording their debut album “Blood Of The Apocalypse”. It was recorded in a bunker just south of Hell, it was produced by Satan with assistance from the minions of the underworld and if you listen to it backwards you will burst into flames ...true story.

Blood Of The Apocalypse was released on 31st October, 2012 along with the launch of the band website.

Day Of Wrath are a potent metal force and their live show will kick your ass!

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Scott - Vocals, Luke - Guitar, Mozez - Bass, Greg - Drums
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Day Of Wrath
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Adelaide, SA, AU