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Hello and welcome to Doc's Lounge... Songs are (C) written, arranged and produced
by Doc Dawolf.... These are songs that were either played/wriiten and sung by me soley or with various friends stopping by and joining in and or creating new songs right on the spot....A few songs were mixed/backing tracks but all songs were one take...Composing each of these songs was a one shot 5 to 15 min minute time frame per song...NO EDITING! ....{SO THERE ARE SOME MISTAKES}....Keven Becker did the vocals on 'backin da shuffle' and 'hookline-n-sinker' and 'push it down'....I have been blessed in my life to have played with many fine musicians over the years some famous some not...had some success selling some songs in the 80's but had to make a choice of raising a family or continue to pursue my musicical path...I chose to stay and be a dad and a husband and put the music on hold... Than life seems to consume you and before you know it 30 years goes by and you go 'damm' that went by mighty fast...so at 60 yrs old the music is still flowing and trying to push its way out and so with this new social media outlet I thought I would try to create a path for the music to flow too...This new social media is little hard for us old dogs...kinda goes against the grain but I will continue to chug along and figure this all out as I go along in the hopes that somebody somewhere gets a little enjoyment from these songs...Thanks for reading and listening and suppoting me... Blessings....I will post more polished songs as I go...also my songs that are more Rock/Blues/Latin Fusion/Ballads etc w/vocals... So Stay Tuned.....

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Doc Dawolf
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R&B/Soul / original blues/singer songwriter / instrumental

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Bellingham, WA
Phil Love

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