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Anopsy was founded in the first half of 2004, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, with the intention of making raw Death Metal focusing on filth and gore, showing all the insanity and impure desires which definitely inhabits the human mind, always exploring thoughts involving scatology, sex and death.

The first Demo was released in the second half of 2004, entitled "Anguish of Torture" containing five sounds that opened the gates of rotten splatter metal in Brazil.
Anopsy debuted with this demo CD in various compilations of metal in Brazil, performing several concerts in the national territory, in support of great bands in the national scene of grind and splatter... playing alongside great acts like Fleshgrinder, FUBAR, Pathologic Noise, I Shit On Your Face, ROT and more...

In 2006 Anopsy is invited to participate in a 3 way split with the bands: Ovários and Endoscopyc Hemorrhage. Anopsy also participated in another split in the same year entitled "Splittoris" with the bands Necrose Vaginal, Enema and others.
The band gained thus several opportunities for participation in traditional festivals in Brazil, such as: Splatter Core Festival, Splatter Night , Brutal Devastation, Gore Supremacy, Aliança Negra.

At the beginning of 2008, the second noisy EP is released and entitled "Unusual Sexual Methods... Using the Deformed Corpses" with 5 songs brutally executed, with good acceptance by the sick splatter crowd, Anopsy performed in several concerts and after a few lineup changes the band finally stabilized with: Oton - Bass/Vocals, Thiago Splatter - Drums/"Pig" Vocals and Leo Rodrigues - Guitar/Vocals.
In the final semester of 2009, Anopsy participated in the split Zombies Orgy, with the band Furunculo Anal.
In the first semester of 2010, the Vocalist Iron ( Former vocalist of Gutted Souls ,Necropedophile and Devoration), joined the band, bringing with him other influences adding to the band other lyric themes, focusing mainly in psychopathy, pathocracy and related themes, without losing the brutal edge that marks Anopsy.
The band has done some concerts since, with good acceptance by the public of the new lineup. The band has now recorded their newest offering: the EP named 666 Ben Wa Balls, our most Brutal and Technical work to date. Right now we are seeing who will distribute this new work and soon it will be fully available.

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Iron - Vocals; Leo Rodrigues - Guitars; Oton Lamothe - Bass ; Thiago "Splatter" - Drums
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Metal / Death Metal / Grindcore

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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

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