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DMT Was born September 9 1981 to Darrell and Kathy Triplett. First few years I grew up goin to church raised in a "Christian" home.Due to unfortunate situations that I caused directly/indirectly, I was not welcome to live at home. For several years I was "shipped around", in/out of different facilities til I was 17. My parents divorced when I was 13, and a year later my mother passed from Mellanoma Skin Cancer, I was released from the system and had to fend for my own. Not alot of people know my REAL story,those of you only knowing me the last few years. Life has NOT been easy for me, by no means.I have overcame ALOT... even been homeless, seeking food/shelter constantly!, and battling different drug addictions. During this time, I started working at Wendys, where I have been the last 10 years.I am now an Asst Manager at the First Ave Wendy's in my hometown. On November 20, 2004 I was married to Beverly Doss. With this marriage I have received the privilege of fathering 3 kids! My life is nothing more than Perseverance and doing better for myself!.. Why does this biography sound more on the personal side?!, Cause the artist IS me!!, not some personna persay. I am an unsigned/underground rap artist outta Cedar Rapids,IA who basically wants to represent underground music,rather than get a contract or do it for the money. Although I dont do it to, "Make It", I STILL take my music serious. I want to be heard/supported by people all over the globe!, I dont try to be a "copy" of an artist...not Mainstream OR Underground..I want to be able to "Stand Out" with the style,lyrics,guidelines ive set myself...different from all the rest! I deliver nothin but REALNESS & ORIGINALITY!, Sometimes,.. some TWISTED THOUGHTS!..I like ta do somma that "Dark" ish too ;).. So all in all...I keep it 100 with my music! I do it to share my Life, Opinions, & Emotion, as well as for the love of the music!, and I am ALL about the love!,and believe you should give the same support others give you! So show your support for DMT and make sure to check me out! LIKE the links! SHARE them with ya friends! Hit up the links to the best tracks!! The best part is, If ya diggin me and music?! Then you can easily download my FREE MP3 tracks From Reverbnation!...Much love and enjoy!

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Cedar Rapids, IA
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