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Kanyon Crow was born on May 18, 1984, South Bronx, New York. His up bringing was surrounded by crack dealers, pimps which were projected in his projects. His mother died when he was 2yrs old, leaving him and his brother alone with a alcoholic father who couldn't bear life without the love of his life. In the same year, his grandmother got stabbed to death, Crow and his brother were luggaged house to house because no one wanted to take care of them and bare the responsibility of two more kids. Then came this woman who was a immigrant from Dominican Republic, very educated with a degree, and fell in love with the 2 abandoned children, and a thug father who was always on the streets. She tried her very best to deal with life decisions for she had left her own flesh and blood son behind in another country, meanwhile she is raising Crow and his older brother Jose who just happened to cross in her life, and with the father who was out on the streets doing the unforgivable. All the more reason to up and leave but didn't have the heart to walk out on him because of knowing the life of Crow and older brother would have with no parental love and guidance, and the worst, having to deal with a alcoholic man who's heart was still very much with his deceased lover. Still wounded and in mourning she was able to provide the support he needed to help recover and breathe life again. With His fathers mother still living, not giving a crap that her grandkids just lost their mother, gave me and my brother into the hands to a stranger, whom she never knew, who now Crow recognizes as his birth mother. He is half Dominican, half Puertorican, but to His knowledge He is all Dominican. The only reason he mention's that He is Puertorican is because of his dead mother who lays in the grave. After his family recovered, and actually became a family, they took in his step mothers sisters family who were immigrants from D.R. and it was a total of 9 people living in a 2 bedroom section 8 apartment out of 350 St.Annes. He grew up in a place where walking to the local grocery store, you would see dead crackheads laying next to the store with a needle in their arm. My parents saved up as much money as possible to get the're family out of the ghetto. Once they did, He reached a place called Montague, New Jersey. Where His father sacrafisingly, bought a house. Now with 4 kids, working 5 days a week, driving 77 miles each way, from work and home, he sacrafised to keep them out of the ghetto. He was a doorman opening the doors for the rich. As he worked day in and day out, he only saw him 2 days out of the week.he was a rebel who took advantage of every opportunity he had to do what he pleased.He got kicked out from school to school, didn't learn to read untill I was in the 8th grade.He always looked for the attention of His father to hope he would one day be proud of Him.He realized it took Him joining the military to ever get the first "I'm proud of you son" statement in His life. While he was in the military, he strived to find out who he really was. he always looked up to his cousin J.Peso A.K.A Cash who can freestyle lyrics like no other that he heard.he followed in his footsteps and continued going from a freestyle artist to a music maker, studio engineer, and now label owner ,hence the creation of Kanyon Crow. Darkness, rebelling, believing that nobody is better or worse, that we all ate food and wore clothing for the same reason... Survival! No matter the surroundings of your backgrounds. It's been Kanyon Crow's dream to put together a team that feels his joys, pain and wrath and can still pursue the same dream no matter what in unity. His dream is to retire his family and stop them from working and to give a proper education and upbringing that he never had to his kids

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Zection 8, Krazy 8's
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Kanyon Crow
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Panama City, FL

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