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Bio on George Nevada Thomas and the band: “Ya “
"Multiple award winning musician"
Born: George Thomas, Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film . Addresses: Record company--Stone dog Records, P.O.Box 542 Boston, Ma. , Phone:

George Nevada Thomas has a voice in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You ," "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with a growing number of fans.
Typical comments on his first entrance in the public arena of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect” He loves to write popular songs and has three albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line and In Another World, his Group, “Ya On Fire” has reformed as “Ya” __ George Thomas’s video “Getting Married Tonight” caused a tsunami of controversy because he incorporated photographs of gay couples who married as part of his video. I thought it was the only fair thing to do!, He said.
Read more: George is a x school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals. When question about his greatest
achievement and joy in life: That’s easy!, raising my children.

The intro was mysterious and alluring and it made me interested in continuing to listen to the song. The lyrics were kind of sad and dark, but I liked the song. I could relate to the words in this one. The singer's voice sounds raspy and I like the uniqueness of his voice. I also like the arrangement of the song because the beat didn't clash with the vocals. Great song! I would definitely add this one to my playlist.

This dude has a terrific voice that sounds like a country singer's voice. His brand of country mixed in with pop, electro, synth and even a touch of hip hop. This was produced amazingly well and professionally. He expresses himself quite well and it is a love song. A unique song. This artist is a one of a kind artist that goes above and beyond what he does. He should be proud of that. He should be next big thing when it comes pop music. He will be quite an impressive artist.
I Believe In You By George Thomas
The sound of this song has such a eloquent singer, his voice is candid and reflective, he has a nice settling voice that is attractive and in depth. This song is magical. And that Johnny Cash flat note he catches us with is just amazing. A HIT for sure.
Dear George Thomas,

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘Between The Moment’ received a very strong listener response in its first month of heavy rotation on five stations. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins. This is great news and a strong indication that you’ve got a potential hit on your hands. Please click here to view your spin report summarizing the first month of airplay: www.theakademia.com/spinreports/GeorgeThomas-BetweenTheMoment-Phase1.html

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Credits: George Thomas is a graduate of the Worcester Art Museum and Clark University Worcester Ma. singer - songwriter Christopher Billias a Graduate of t
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George Thomas
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George Guinane

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