Life & growth are a process of elimination & evolution. For this new journey we wish to take our previous project, INI MLD Allstars, to another level. After 3 years of trials, tribulations & ultimate triumphs, we've chosen to adopt a new identity. One that better suits the natural progression that we've shared both spiritually & metaphysically as a band. The Rastafarian Movement coined an expression which INI attributes to the divinity & grace of love. This expression is "WADADA" & after a thoroughly creative & magickal year of growth & gratitude, found equally in our music & personal relationships, we feel this sentiment best fits the direction we are heading in.

The Wadada Movement is a 6-piece unit consisting of Negus Kingsley as emcee & frontman; Jah Wza on guitar & vocals; LoveGun Thompson on bass; Liam Hagliacci on drums; M.J. Albin on percussion & Ryan Baker on rhythm guitar. With this intrinsic lineup we have elevated our live show into a non-stop fusion of uncanny energy and genre-smashing music. We look forward to producing an eclectic potpourri of tracks that have no borders or bounds. Our first record, "Good Over Evil," is only the beginning of our sonic journey toward a "new rising sun" the late Jimi Hendrix prophesied before his untimely death many moons ago.

Get behind Wadada and help push this massive Movement to the multitudes!

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Band Members
King Negus-frontman/emcee, Jah Wza-guitar & vocals, R.Bakes-rhythm guitar, LoveGun-bass, Hagg-drums, MJ-percussion, DJ Metaphysic on the Wheels
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Alternative / Experimental Hip Hop / Punk

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Spring Valley, NY

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