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Creepy Little Legs started out as a folk duo fronted by Idegad and Jipsy. The band officially formed on September 16th, 2009, but didn't release their first full length album until August 5th 2010 and was titled It Was Nice To Meet You! An 11 track album with hit singles such as Cigarette Burns and Whiskey and Rum. The album had a cute D.I.Y. sound to it and expressed the virtue and innocence of the musicians behind the music. Most of the songs on this album were written by Idegad, while Jipsy wrote the lesser known Paper My Heart, Dark Are the Days, Fools Gold and To Our Animals. The latter, featured Justin B. Keith, of Facta Non Verba and Classic Black, on drums. As far as instrumentation on this album, To Our Animals really stood out because of the limited drumming ability of Idegad on the rest of the album. After having heard CLL with a professional sounding drummer, for the first time, it inspired them to look for someone that would suit the sound they were looking to develop; a harder heavier sound that Jipsy was really pushing for. On February 7th 2011, still having no luck finding a drummer, the duo released their second album Cletus Fetus: Album Number 2 with a Vengeance. Jipsy’s song, White Bat, was the most popular of this album and although Sleep in Oceans/Big Explosions and Little Sea Horse were two favorites of the band White Bat was the only song they kept playing long after the release of this album, as it was the sound they would soon gravitate towards.
Both Idegad and Jipsy played guitar, bass and drums but at a novice level. During the time of their first album CLL was backed by Idegad while Jipsy sang all the songs. Slowly Idegad began singing more and more and finally sang on over half of their third album, Face the Monster.
Andrew Bueno had attended one of many CLL’s Stag shows in Woodland, California, and was approached by Jipsy. Andrew and Jipsy had both been a part of a punk project at different times called Aborto Milagroso and had been long time friends. It took little to no effort to convince Andrew to join Creepy Little Legs.
Throughout most of the bands existence, even after they acquired Creepy Little Legs’ one and only official drummer, Bueno, Idegad still did all instrumentation on all albums except for Awww Shit! It’s Creepy Little Legs (Live from the Creepy Little Studio), released September 7th 2011, and Creepy Little Legs EP, released April 1st 2013, which both featured Andrew on drums and Jipsy on bass and guitar. During the first three albums both Idegad and Jipsy took part in the writing process. It wasn't until late 2011 when Idegad took over writing. Jipsy’s last written song was Dead in Memphis, track 10 on Face the Monster their third and final album as a duo, released August 30th 2011.
For a brief moment from May to July of 2013, with Jipsy leaving the band, they added guitarist Eddie Madueno, giving the band a strange complexity they had not imagined before. Though still a solid musical trio, personal problems soon splintered the group into an unspoken-of hiatus. After that, the band members parted ways and called it quits for the duration of about a year.

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Idegad - Guitar/Songwriting/Vocals/Drums, Munchie - Bass/Songwriting/Vocals/Guitar, Davey O'Mulligan - Drums
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Creepy Little Legs
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Punk / Indie / Trash Rock

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Woodland, CA