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Tajlyn was born a drought baby in a mid western suburban town, outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The youngest daughter of an undertaker and housewife turned belly dancer, Tajlyn spent most of her time with her older sister, a blizzard baby, at their father's funeral home; where they co-wrote their first jingle. She discovered music when she watched an episode of Mr. Rogers that showed a boy her age playing the violin. Being instantly mesmerized by this new discovery, she continually nagged her mother for permission to play the violin. Which was granted at the age of five. For nearly four years Tajlyn was under the impression that kids were only allowed to play one instrument and that it had to be classical. Still unclear of when and how this confusion subsided. She slowly added to her collection of instruments, ranging from mandolin to didgeridoo. By age fifteen she had nearly ten instruments under her belt. Her mother's involvement in belly dancing introduced Tajlyn to music of the Middle East, inspiring her to seek out any and all styles of music, even film scores. After High School she decided that she wanted to record an album. She started writing songs and recorded her first album at a friends recording studio in the Ohio countryside. This album is called New Element. Recently Tajlyn took it out to the West, spreading her music through Central California, Washington and Colorado. She is pursuing a nomadic life of music, travel and good times. Currently Tajlyn is spending time in the Midwest. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows and a new album!

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