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The Lamas And Your Moms A Prostitute has been a driving force in the Edmonton music scene and a driving force in your tight butthole.
As irritating as fucking in a field and getting mosqito bites everwhere, and grass in your uretha. There sound has inspired many muscians like "Your Fat And Your Child Has Autism", "Jenny Tell Ya!", "VCR Squad" and the great "KoC".
This band started in 2007 and has been signed to CRBM since 2010, them and The CRBM have grown together like my dick and trannys.
Despite contrevarsy and despise and jelousy from local bands that claim nothing of a certain element can stay (That element is Au on the periodic table) the band countines to win the hearts and virginitys of Boys and girls ages 12-15
They released there demo "The Bobba And Pingu Demo" In late 2009, and grabbed the attention of former CRBM CEO James Chacvloski, he signed the band to a 7 Album deal. The band promptly put out there first album "I Make Kids Cry, With My Fists" in September 2010 Which was praised among the Edmonton youth and which added the lamas to the local music collective "New Edmonton".
They hit the studio in December 2011 to record there second album (and there biggest to date) called "Just Fuck Me" the album featured 40 classic hits and earned the band there slogan "Im an immature fuck with no respect or musical talent" The album was released on May 20th 2012 and Re-Issued in 2013 due to legal reasons (No seriously, im not lying)
After they released there second album The Lamas recorded some singles that caught the attention of many, they made around 10 singles that were very well received, like the fan favs "Eat My Balls Whore" and "HAHA, Your Black"
On November 11th 2012 the released a compliation EP with all there hits recorded beetween May-October 2012. The ep "South On The Lonley Highway Of Life EP" Is considred one of there greatest works.
While releasing there ep they were working on there 3rd Album "We Gotta Rep Dat Edmonton", the album was more expiremental than previous ones, brining a few hiphop songs into the mix scared some fans. The album was great, but it was there least popular, It was released in April 2013, After the flop of an album, the band released they had to get back to there roots, or make an amazing album. But then they spent all there money on weed, so they lost there studio.
In June 2013, the band used a microphone from a dollar store and recorded there 4th studio album "We Spent All Our Money On Weed And Lost Our Studio, Buy This So We Can Get It Back" The band praises the experimental technqies used to record the album and says "This album is us really expirmetnintg and trying to appeal to new fans while giving our old fans what they want"
The album is set to be released August 3rd at 666GROVE.
Meanwhile the band is slowly working on there 5th album "The Sounds Of 77 Dicks In Your Ass For 7 Hours" which is there most ambitious project to date, and will be released some time in 2014.

Written By:
- Tobias Fontas Nigglet from CnD Music.

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Band Members
John Abarham, Trey Lamar, Petrik Charmen
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The Lamas And Your Moms A Prostitute
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Christian/Gospel / Grindcore / Metal

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Edmonton, AB, CA
Carter Booth

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