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DirgeChoir is a contemporary thrash project of Patrick Hart. As a one man killing machine, the project stems out of frustration with not being able to connect with like minded, talented musicians. I’ve had the pleasure of making music with sickly talented people over the years, however... never managing to gather a complete band. Largely due to the technical nature of my music and the barren music scene where I have lived.

Several years ago I had an epiphany. Why not record all the instruments myself and be a one man band. For live applications, I could videotape myself performing the bass and rhythm guitar parts. Using photo shop I could manipulate these images to morph with each song depending on subject matter. Burst into flames, melt into puddles, appear, reappear, etc. Essentially my “band members” would be holograms I could project onto sheets of Plexiglas flanking either side of me and would appear as disembodied spirits, hovering over the stage. I could sing and play lead guitar live over a prerecorded backing track. At least then I could get the music to the masses.

Musically, I traverse several soundscapes. For the most part it is dark, brutal, infused with moments of beauty. Eerie acoustic interludes contrasting the heaviness of crunch. I carry the listener through many tempos from a crushing mosh to furious blast beats, but find home in a mid tempo groove. I enjoy odd time signatures and complex arrangements but used tastefully, keeping the anchor of the groove upfront.

Vocally, I employ an aggressive yet melodic vocal for the most part. I also frequently recite poetry over the music. Not only poetry, but sound clips from movies, debates, commercials, lectures, whatever is relating to the song.

Lyrically I touch on many subjects. I enjoy telling stories from the fantastical and mythical, to the historical and educational. For all who know me, having given control of my life over to Jesus years ago influences all I do. I do of course gravitate toward Christian themes, but do not consider this a Christian band any more than I consider my dinner Christian meatloaf. My philosophy is preach the gospel at all times, and use words when necessary.

Having been a guitarist/songwriter/artist for nearly 27 years, this will be my first musical release. Having been presented with a multiplicity of challenges has prevented me thus far. 8 years of prison and being a fugitive. Until 2010 I had quit playing altogether for four or so years. Also the bankrupt metal scene of the Kansas City area has kept me from uniting with the right musicians. I simply hadn’t the resources or the connections to advance my craft. In recent years with the advent of the internet, I find a renewed confidence I can share my art with the world.......

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Patrick Hart - vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming
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