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J.F.K. Didn't Even See it Coming is a two-piece just drums and bass band from the heart of North Central Ohio of the United States. Formed in 2006 by bassist Damein Parker and drummer Joshua Weimer as a side-project of the now broken up band My Last Bravado ( later changed to The Thrillogy ) it served as a fun departure from the typical Rock'N'Roll bands of the time and furthermore as a middle finger to the prevailing jam bands and screamo bands of the time. It seemed to us, that amongst all the music, scenes, and people involved, people had lost sight of the meaning behind it all. We set out to remind ourselves and those around us to relax and enjoy music. That names, scenes, cliques, and connections were far inferior to having fun and thoroughly enjoying your time both on stage and off. In a climate where egos, self-righteousness, and popularity contests reigned supreme, J.F.K. weathered many a storm and managed to carve out of piece on this earth.
In the fall of 2007 Damein spent his scholarship money on acquiring the necessities for recording. A session took place in Crestline, OH in his bedroom where J.F.K. recorded three songs that would cement the band with a demo and a name. Chosen off a dry erase board among other potential names such as "I got my first bonor to the Pink Power Ranger" and "Did you learn how to scream from your mom?" J.F.K. Didn't Even See it Coming was chosen. These early tracks, titled with "LIVE 2007"; are the first recordings.They recorded the first official E.P. at Columbus' very own The Tone Shoppe (2011). Recorded live and in less than three hours the first E.P. showcased their sound. Being an instrumental band, the meaning of the songs has been intentionally left open to interpretation. However, descriptions of the songs are provided below to explain the songs and hopefully, give more meaning to your listening experience.
"It's a Couple of Ho's Time"- the song is about the members of the band being absolute dirty little whores for music and all of its majesty. A song of celebration to participate in the art and craft that is music. They love music, and they love playing it, and wanted to make a song to express their deep love and appreciation of that which has given them so much.
"I'm So Glad I Put Off Being in a Bad Mood"- This is about a relationship that had reached a very negative point that often ended up in fighting and unresolved disagreements. After a particular terrible fight where he was physically attacked he wrote this song. It's about channeling one's negative energy both internally and externally into something positive. To make good of the bad. To refuse debasement and instead uphold something bigger than yourself and love it as best you can.
"London Tussin 62'"- This is song about P.T.S.D. Particularly, about a WW2 vet having a mid-life crisis where images of the war assault him on a daily basis. One experience, in particular, where the soldier witnessed a nine year old girl lose her legs in the bombing of Britain. Being able to do nothing to save her, he held her hand through her last breathes. Telling her she would be alright, that she would make it, he watched her frantic eyes until her life left her. Later in life, these images consumed him and drove him mad.
"Matthew "Stache" Tolliver" - This is a song about a friend of the band who lost his battle with depression and took his own life. Suicide has claimed the lives of many friends and family members of the band and this song is a never ending wake to those who cannot be with them today.
*Jean-Christian Mingallon-Drums*
The next E.P. was recorded in August of 2012 by a friend of the band Brian Conaway of Home Grown Sounds in Cincinnati, OH. Showing a change in style as well as sound; the songs were darker, heavier, and more intense; reflecting the experiences of the band that had come into clear view.
“I’ll Be in the Woodshed” – This is a song about taking time to hone your craft, whatever it may be. Patience, love, and time will lend itself an ally to any pursuit. The pursuit of properly expressing one’s unique emotional perspective through art can be an arduous task, as well as a liberating experience that can lead to a life-time of better understanding yourself and others. It takes time and it’s worth the time.On the flip side, it’s also a reference to sneaking around with ladies from the neighborhood. What momma don’t know won’t hurt her, and it didn’t.
*This song has a music video directed, edited, and filmed by Eliah Dougherty*
“We Don’t Fight to Win and We Don’t Fuck to Cum” – Fighting isn't so much about winning but about protesting and standing firm on one’s position. Win or lose, at least they know where one stands. Additionally, having sex just to achieve an orgasm isn't sex, its mutual masturbation. Sex is about communication, touching, and enjoying the moment. It’s a song about seeing through the veil and knowing that in the end, being present in the moment outweighs the replay or the gratification of “winning.”
“Stay Free: Don’t But Sex, God, and Insurance” – Sex, Spirituality, and Quality of life are human experiences and rights vital to our survival, psychology, and the bonding of our relationships in life, they are not a business. Avoid those and that which would try to enslave one into paying, in whatever currency (money, time, and/or emotions). One should be able to participate in these experiences by means of respect and understanding, not by payment.
“Kill ‘Em With Fire” – Let them talk, let them walk, let them think they are in control. Then when the time is right, un-leash furious riffs in their face that leave them feeling like a pile of ACME ash after their ridiculous plot blows up in their face. Beep-Beep mothefuckas…………………………………………. Beep-Beep.
*Josh Weimer - Drums*

All songs written by: Damein Parker

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Jean-Christian Mingallon - Drums, Damein Parker - Bass
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JFK Didn't Even See It Coming
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