Known as "Angel" on stage and on a Today/ today basis known as Angel Gonzalez Deleon, is a Pop/ R&B/ latin Freestyle/and latin Singer, currrently "Living in the Music Capital of the World" AUTSIN TX, At the age of 8 angel discovered his Love for Music listening to his Grandmother Sing Spanish traditional Meoldys there after Hearing and Seeing on T.V Queen Of tejano Selena He then Discovered his lo...ve for Singing and Performing. Even with people trying to tell Angel that the Music industry was to competative and he might not make it, he did not give up nor on his dream, He soon Began Cultivating his talent into his own unique style. Angel Recorded his first song " falling star" and " Love at First Sight" at the age of 21. Seeing that People were receptive to his Music styling, he took to the stage. It wasnt long before Angel was captivating crowds with blends of soulful vocals and Latin rythms.
Through his Career Angel has bloosomed as a Singer/Songwriter/ Performer. His ability to share his feelings through his music has made him a favorite of many of todays best music producers. Working closely with these producers he has been able to reach a new pentacle in his writing career and co-producing. Being at the top of his game , it wasnt long before promoters took note and started booking Angel to share the stage with many of today's top recording Artist. Angel is currently Managed by Victor Garcia from VIC'S Promotions and has had the Pleasure of Performing with Well known freestyle Artists such As Johnny O,Cynthia, Judy Torres, Steve styles, Trampia and many More.
In 2002 Angel released a compilation with Dj Tony Entitled "Freestyle Fusion". Sales in San Antonio and Austin Reached over 4000 copies although this was a major accomplishment at the time for not being a Major labeled artist and New in the Music sales It was just the beginningm, for there were only 6,500 copy released on this compilation. With ongoing appearances in the local Texas club scene, car shows such as Local major car shows such as TEXAS HEAT WAVE tours attended 2010 and 2011 , and annual festivals Angel has become to capivate his Home town and surrounding local cities.
Angel has appeared radio station 88.7 local radio station interviewed as a upcoming local artist in 2008, then appeared on radion latin station 95.1 tejano station with joe the Kid at end of 2009 releasing "ALL I NEED" and "SUMMER LOVE"and then seen on T.v show "VIVE latin" talk show on Univision and was Interviewed in 2010 due to his Current Freshman album completed in 2011 scheduled for release 2011-2012. And Also Interviewed on Brandon Michael T.v Show "The Underground" in 2011 in Kurville Tx performing live On T.v his Hit Single ALL I NEED and New Crossing over Spanish Cumbia Song "Tonto" on a fast rise and Catching listeners Kurville is still currently playing his music in there local stations and was noticed as an upcoming local Artist in English and soon to crooss over in the Latin Market for Austin Tx. Angel Continues to strive to reach his dream and become a Main stream Artist for Austin signed to a label that will help him help others reach there dreams. Angel is trying to reach the achievment to be a role model as a Recording Artist to the young generation to stay in School and to always follow there dreams and stay Humble, He looks forward to helping those less fortunate as his career grows
Angel has not always had it easy the Doors where closed in so many occassions, due to not being with a major label but as his small fan base grow, People began to take notice that he was Determined to win there hearts with his Humbleness and down to earth Quality he has always put his Fans First always ready to take Pictures and Give Autographs before and After the shows or evens seeing them at the local Market shopping, to let his fans know he is very thankful to them for sticking by his side and giving support to him and his music.
Angel is sure to keep your audiance Entertained.

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