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Minted from psychedelic, dream-woven, and driving '70s rock influences, Varlet breaks the genre boundaries of independent music. On Varlet's November 2011 release, The Drifter, Lilly Scott's vocals rise like bubbles bursting into a rocking jazz wail, as if Billie Holiday decided to resurrect and front a Neil Young-inspired indie act. The drums pulse with earthy distinction and song structures on guitar, lap steel, and piano range from classical composition, to jazz, to intricately woven '60s and '70s psychedelic progressions.

Yet Varlet's lyrical content may be the grittiest element the band offers on The Drifter. All members collaborate on each track's instrumentation and lyrics. Their partnership creates tangible narrative settings in every song on the new album: Perhaps Varlet is exploring the female experience of constructed identity ("High Heels", "Lady Lie"), or delivering straightforward commentary on the subculture of a city big enough to raise social adrenaline, yet small enough to wrap around yourself ("Eastern", "In My Pocket"). Fast riffs over folk elements pound your heart steadily into your throat as you listen to the only current female-fronted act delivering haunted, candid lyrics about modern urban life, without packaging that content into a gimmick.

The Drifter realizes Varlet's artistic vision to effect a striking amalgam of experimental folk with pulsing rock and roll undertones.

We Are Varlet:

Lilly Scott (Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Varying Instrumental Wizardry)
Will Duncan (Drums)
Vaughn McPherson (Key Master)
Cole Rudy (Guitar and Lap Steel)
David Scott (Bass)

For press inquiries, interview requests, and all other inquiries regarding Varlet, please contact Anneliese (Annie) Rix at Precious Mettle Music, via email or phone: annelieserix@aol.com or (303)619-0574.

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Lilly Scott, Cole Rudy, David Scott, Will Duncan, Vaughn McPherson
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Folk / Indie / Experimental

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Denver, CO
Publicity and Other Inquiries: Anneliese (Annie) Rix Precious Mettle Music, Ltd. annelieserix@aol.com (preferred) PreciousMettlePR@gmail.com (secondary)