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Johnny Got a Lighter was established in 2008 as the local band transported from the grounds of the San Fernando Valley. The band was constructed by pure fate when drummer, Tib Van Dyke
worked at the neighborhood video store and was asked to join a group by one of his customers, Jose Montijo – from there the group formulated a melodious bond that is bound to overcome
the stage and kill the radio.

Added members to the band included Alex Cooper and Ricky Salazar who brought more structure to the sound with their individual talents. Although they didn’t have much, except for
quality sound and a distinctive rhythm, nothing was stopping them from moving forward. Before the name Johnny Got a Lighter was decided upon, the band was known as both The Tibsters and
as Video Store. They performed, without a singer, at a few small venues in the San Fernando Valley area. With the addition of Rhiana Lewis as lead vocalist in 2009, new songs were written
and old songs were given lyrics. JGAL, as they were now also known, began playing in earnest.They played in venues all over Southern California. In late 2010, the band went through a
change in line up. Jose left the band, Rhiana picked up the guitar as rhythm guitarist, Bobby Vasquez replaced a departing Alex on bass guitar and Ricky brought in keyboards in addition to
his role as lead guitarist. In addition to writing and performing new songs, the band spent the next year working with various industry professionals to refine their sound and record a four-
track demo with renounced producer, Daniel Balistocky. Johnny Got a Lighter plans to continue building their fan base, performing in and around Los Angeles with a tour planned for 2012.

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Rhiana Lewis, Ricky Salazar, Tib Van Dyke, Robert Vasquez
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Johnny Got A Lighter
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Rock / ska / Blues

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San Fernando, CA