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Allow me to introduce you to someone you will love the first time you see him smile that big ole smile that would light up the darkest night. This man is Brian Cagle. Brian is from Monticello Georgia, where he lives with his wife Sabrina. He’s a country boy with a heart of compassion that crosses all boundaries. Much like Jesus he is no stranger to hard work. He runs his own company and farms a couple hundred acres as well. Brian has traveled many roads and can relate to the down and out, and the up and out. Brian Cagle is one singer that knows what he is singing about. He has walked through the valley of the shadow of death and lived to tell about it. On November 7th, 2011 minor surgery turned into a major problem. Only four days later on November 12th Brian was told by the doctors that he had developed a serious infection and they did not expect him to live. It was a Sunday, and they gave him one hour to make calls and take care of business before they took him back into the operating room to perform a dangerous operation that could have resulted in death. For the next eight months Brian was in the fight of his life. He spent two months in the hospital and another six months at home recuperating. This entire time his only source of nourishment or food was an IV tube. But the world is a better place today because God did what doctors or medicine could not do and that is raise Brian Cagle up from his death bed and change the course of his life forever.
God began to perform miracles for Brian. One was a large hospital bill of almost one quarter million dollars was paid. Brian was like so many hard working people in America, he was without insurance at that time. This taught Brian that God can supply every need in a person’s life through faith. He also learned that God is with you, even when it looks like everything in the world is against you. This faith and confidence comes through each time he ministers.
God had a purpose for Brian Cagle and it was to sing and tell of God’s goodness around the world. This was evident when the music director at Brian’s church asked him to join the choir. Brian said, man I can’t sing. The music director said well just stand up there and move your mouth. He knew Brian was a man of influence who would encourage others to join the choir just because of his presence. The choir director was right but Brian was wrong. He really could sing, he just didn’t know it. The choir director asked him to sing a solo on Easter Sunday. This would be the first step in Brian Cagle’s ministry. He brought the house down that Sunday morning and he’s been bringing the house down everywhere he sings since that day. From the time Brian opens his mouth till the last song is sung, he holds the audience in the palm of his hand. One minute you’re laughing, the next minute tears of joy fill your eyes as he takes you on a musical journey that causes you to forget about your troubles for a while, and then he brings you to the cross with his song “Hanging On A Nail”. In a world that has lost respect for the value of human life, Brian shows you how valuable you are to God. Brian says, he loved you so much he was willing to send his son to die for you. He tells how God reached out to man with his human hand, and reached up to God with his divine hand, and with his last ounce of strength as he was dying, he cried out IT IS FINISHED.
Brian has recorded three CD’s and recently released his first single to radio. It’s unusual for a singer’s first single to show up in the gospel charts, but Brian’s song “House Built By The Blood", is in the charts and is rising. You owe it to yourself to go to Brian’s website, www.briancaglemusic.com and pick up a copy of his CD’s. You can also go to U Tube and listen to Brian sing. But there’s nothing like seeing Brian in person. Brian is busy each week in churches, as well as other venues, in live performances. When he comes to your area, load up the car and don’t miss him. Take it from me you won’t regret it............James Payne

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