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Kory Brown strives to bring back the passionate rock of the 80's with the modern feel of today's music.

"A lot of great music today is missing a component that connects with the fans," says Brown. "When it comes right down to it, music is all about the people that choose to listen to your message as it's conveyed in each song. Lyrics have to connect with your audience, have meaning and most importantly they have to be believable."

Brown grew up as a drummer and played on and off with a number of bands throughout high school and college. Shortly after graduation, he put down music all together except for the occasional 4 chord song on an acoustic guitar from time to time.

“There were various times throughout my 20’s and early 30’s that I aspired to start playing again but I never really had any time while I was building my career in graphic design and software development. Year after year passed and It slowly became all that I thought about. I knew I wanted to pursue music but I also realized it would be a lot of work because I really didn’t have any training or skills as a guitar player or songwriter. Not to mention that I had never sang a note outside of the shower.”

4 years ago Brown started to teach himself some basic piano and branched out beyond his 4 chord knowledge on an acoustic guitar and gained some quick success. Early releases such as Roll, Fire and Little Love Games gained Brown a small following which has continued to slowly grow over the last couple of years. The latest album Who I Am, was just released in January of 2016, will showcase a vastly improved songwriter and a steady maturity as a singer and musician. All follow-up EP is already in the works!

"I have been writing my own music and singing for a little over 4 years now and am really blown away by all the support and encouragement that I continue to get! I am truly thankful for each of you out there taking the time to listen and lend your support."

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